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Creative Unicorns of Toronto

Who We Are?

We are a socially conscious incubator that advances profit-sharing creative projects for Creative Entreprenuers

We Are Creative Thinkers

We are creative thinkers. Command a critical intellect. Articulate with clarity. Find the complex in simplicity. Are elevated by ambition. Grounded in humility. Susceptible to growth. Have a strong sense of integrity & honesty. While respecting flow & energy. Stagnant energy is negative energy. Still waters collect bacteria
The Gig Economy
A key problem #CUTO eliminates is the creative entrepreneur’s experience of living and working in isolation. It's hard to find spaces with like-minded individuals, and it's hard to survive in a linear world of 9 to 5 when creation is abstract and increasingly non-linear. It’s hard to monetize your art by yourself, and it can become discouraging or prohibitively expensive trying to find the right people to help.

Here are the project's we're focused on:

S M A R T E R ai

We drive forward projects from the foundation up through SMARTER collaboration. Projects go through 4 phases of development

This is what we're focused on

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