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A key problem #CUTO eliminates in the creative entrepreneurs space is isolation; it's hard to find spaces with like-minded (abstract) individuals and it's hard to survive in a linear world of 9 to 5 when creation is abstract. It’s hard to monetize your art by ourselves and it can become discouraging trying to find the right people. #CUTO eliminates isolation and allows us to share knowledge, skills, and resources enabling community members to focus on the skills they’re strongest at. Community members can work within our creative spaces or at our events on their own projects, by themselves, or as part of a team. Unicorns can work on client projects or on in-house projects. All members start out as Community Animators and participate in workshops - to bring them up to speed on SMARTER collaboration - before they're able to start leading on projects.

Collaborative Community

Memberships are based on current business needs. If you're going to provide workshops or art shows then you're better off being an exhibitionist. If you just want to sell your art at an event then the basic community membership is for you. You can either join a cluster (team) you can start a cluster. The point of a cluster is to monetize your functions, functions are the projects you're working on. Clusters can focus on different ideas, developing an app, website, movie, art piece, events, workshops. Every project needs to be proposed and approved by the community.

SMARTER Collaboration

Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm All projects must start from the foundation up; because a skyscraper goes as deep as it needs to be tall. We start all projects through a Business Canvas Model. This determines time, scope, value, and whether the project is worth pursuing by the creator as well as the community at large. Once we agree on the project we continue through to the Alpha phase by streamlining all the information gathered down to a Project Outline. When we agree on the Project Outline we map out the project on Trello, which allows us to see how it can be monetized by establishing a story for social media that explains the benefits of participating in the end product to the target market.

Participate in Profit Share

This community is designed for us to actively participate on projects; each project will be carefully mapped out on Trello and have a monetary value attached. The structure will be broken down into 4 milestones, each with its own tasks to reach there. These milestones are, Alpha phase (gather info), Beta phase (test it amongst close friends), Launch phase and Monitor. The largest portion of the compensation will always go back to the creator (up to 60%). A portion of the profit goes to participants who help along the project, and the rest goes to the community, overheads, or other projects. These percentages are determined before a project is launched during the Alpha phase. Community members can vote on which project to take on.

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