10 Apps That Increase Productivity for Creative Entrepreneurs

Productivity Apps You Need Now!

Time management, scheduling, communication. So many productivity apps exist. As a result, which are the best for online meetings? Which app will help a team collaborate on projects? How can you improve your productivity? Below are ten software programs, extensions and applications you will be grateful to have. Above all, each addresses a specific issue that only you can gauge. Apply them immediately to see how they work for you.

For instance, hate booking a chat with someone? We know almost all of the 'let's grab a coffee!' conversations never quite pan out because we forget to schedule. This first app helps with this of course. Not only do I find follow-through high when booking through Calendly, but also it's an easy to use tool.

10 Apps That Increase Productivity for Creative Entrepreneurs


Since we all have meetings, we need to plan them. But this app is something you probably didn’t know you needed. Tired of back and forth emails trying to book something with someone? A meeting, a coffee, or a photoshoot? Just send them your unique scheduling link based on your calendar availability. Be sure it’s up to date with your work hours, appointments, and time away. Link it to your Google calendar (again keep it updated before sending out the Calendly invite). Then the person picks a date and time, you confirm the location. All in just one email!

Free + Premium https://calendly.com/


Go Fucking Work

Get some fucking work done. Literally. Before you try to spend hours figuring out why you procrastinate or get distracted just block sites like parental control, but for your unproductive self. This Chrome extension will “redirect fucking unproductive sites to motivational messages.” Like, ‘Your dreams are dying, go fucking work.’ You can block time-wasting websites, and every time you walk off the holy path of productivity.

This pop-up will block the noise. There are lots of website blockers if this one is too aggressive, six more here.

Free https://gofuckingwork.com


Be Focused

While staying focused might be a forever problem, if you’re still having trouble staying on task, there are great timer apps. Set the timer and work on only one task for that set time until it’s done. One version called the Pomodoro technique encourages working in 25-minute intervals. Break up individual tasks and finish them. Then separate them with short breaks. This is a great and proven way to retain focus and motivation. Track your progress and goals, throughout the week.

Similarly, try one of 10 other apps that do the same thing here find the one that works for you.

Free  https://setapp.com/apps/be-focused



While you’re freelancing and working with remote teams across the world, you need to know what time zones people are in so you can communicate with them accordingly. You don't want to demand a response when they’re still in bed.

Website: Friends or co-workers' time across multiple timezones, for communicating with remote workers and open source.

Free + Premium https://there.pm/



A simple and powerful time tracker, whether working solo or in teams. Better track where your time goes. Similarly, this is helpful if you're paying someone, or someone's going to be paying you. For that reason, get a better handle on how long projects take to provide accurate estimates for billing. 

Website: Always getting distracted? Use Toggl as your productivity tool. A simple time tracker with powerful reports and it works across all your devices.

Free + Premium https://toggl.com/


Tasks, Teamwork and Collaborating

There are a variety of free and affordable project management or to-do apps. The top ones currently are Trello (create boards, lists, cards to organize tasks in a visual way). Slack (communications replacement for email and file-sharing or collaboration). Asana (task and project management). And, Freedcamp (unlimited task and project management). No clear winner, but each has some unique features and integrations. I personally like Asana and Freedcamp having tried them (not to the fullest capabilities). Trello is a win for creatives. Whereas, Slack is primarily a communications tool. However, you can integrate task management through other apps, with integrations increasing each year.

Free (for a set number of people) + premium


Wave App

Free invoicing and accounting software with credit card processing, and payroll services. The most referenced app from freelance artists. While there are free parts, as with all payment methods, they take a cut. Pay per use 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction, or a monthly payment of $20 base fee + $4 per active employee, and $4 per independent contractor paid. If you’re selling items through Instagram or in person, this is a good option if you’re a small-sized business.

BONUS: it’s born and made in Toronto.

Website: No trials, no catches, and no limits. Accounting, invoicing and receipt tracking software so you can better understand your business finances, for free. Free +

Premium www.waveapps.com/



Helps make images load faster by optimizing the size for specific web content, and it also removes EXIF meta­data.

Website: ImageOptim makes images load faster. Removes bloated metadata. Saves disk space & bandwidth by compressing images without losing quality. 

Free https://imageoptim.com/


Conferencing or Meetings

If you’re having online meetings and need to make it quick, you have a few options: Skype, Google Hangouts, Zoom or AppearIn. Overall, the last two are great because you only have to send one link to the attendee – no login required. Free + Premium



Helps you find specific email addresses when you want to pitch to a prospective client, but don’t go overboard soliciting. Keep it professional. This nifty tool helps you go straight to the decision-maker. Simply search for the company website and it will find available email addresses. Sign up to uncover the email addresses, get the full results, search filters, CSV downloads and more. Website: Hunter is the leading solution to find and verify professional email addresses. Start using Hunter and connect with the people that matter for your business.

Free + Premium Get 100 free searches/month. https://hunter.io/

Lastly, if you have any favourite apps or recommendations, leave a comment below.