20 + Pictures From The 1st Annex Art Party

The Annex Art Party CSI Annex

The Annex Art Party is a beautifully choreographed series of events that integrates the creative mind with emerging artists, fashionistas, street performers, musicians, as well as business development workshops.

I want to thank Lee Gelbloom, Luis figueroa, Otis Mushonga, Link Tong, Susan Wellisch, Hajnal Csorba, Danielle Furlotte, Catherine Curran, Tanya LeBlanc, Chris O'Keefe, Allister McGill, lolo, Mel Birman, Naomi Wise, Chantal Meloche, Luis figueroa, Alphonso King Jr (aka Jade Elektra / DJ Relentless)

Early bird

  • We are currently selling 20 early bird tickets for The Annex Art Party 2 at 36 for previous vendors or CSIMembers

You can register through this link


Here are the pictures