30 Pictures From The Melanin Exhibit at Gallery 1017

The Melanin Exhibits

An art show celebrating over 600 thousand years of Black History. An event that invites collaboration by combining dance, poetry, music, and food while celebrating black culture


  • Saturday, February 29th

Hosted by

  • CreativeUTO
  • Gallery 1017




Saturday, February 29th

Hey everyone, 
We had an amazing event on Saturday
There won't be an event today
We will be back on Saturday the 29th at 7 pm 
We started off with the exhibit
Artists got to present and talk about their art to guests

Then we had a fashion show by No Niji


Live performances by Ele Maria

We all got on stage to talk about 3 things we're grateful for

We created selfie

use hashtag #MelaninXX #Gallery1017 #CreativeUTO #TAAP7

The event was scheduled until 1130 pm
but we stayed until around 130 am

But that's not the only part - Profit Share

  • Artists made their wall space money back before setting up
  • We created an ecosystem where everyone gets to eat
  • The Melanin Exhibit is $20 at the door
  • Artists got 40% of the cut referring guests 
  • Guests bring their friends, their dates, colleagues
  • Tickets sold in pairs of 2s and 3s
Artists used this link to invite guests -> https://form.jotform.com/93086128357261
All our projects have a profit share philosophy
  • This is the profit share for our exhibits
  • and because we want everyone to benefit
  • You also get 40% for every artist you refer to us
We extended the exhibit. It's every Saturday, until March 14th
We plan to have a potluck on Saturday so bring food

3 day or 7 day leases

Your lease is separate from the event
But it has been extended for 7 days as a thank you
You can renew again for 3 or 7-day packages

Become profitable through Profit Share

  • This gives you a chance to sell tickets to guests who may buy your work
  • You get 40% for tickets sold the rest pays for production and entertainers
  • You can sell tickets even if you're not exhibiting and make revenue
  • it gives you a chance to become profitable before the end of the week
  • And make revenue through March 14th

If you want to renew just let me know and I'll send you a new invoice

let me know if you want to do something within the event, 
Could it be a live performance, poetry, speech, live art, book reading?
We also offer solo shows
Next event

For the 29th, bring Soul Food, Wine cheese 

  • We're adding a potluck to the event
  • We will feature Tribal Face Mask painting by Ashante
  • We are having more live singers come out
  • We are introducing more artists at the exhibit
  • We are also introducing our Merchandising strategy and how you can sell through our website