300 Table Pop Up Shop Event Outline

Pop Up Shop Event (placeholder name)
Current Keywords describing event

  • Community based flea market
  • Social enterprise based flea market
  • Travelling Flea Market

Current Stakeholders

  • Nabeel – Network Coordinator at Toronto Enterprise Fund
  • Michael – Business developer at FREEGEEKTORONTO.org
  • Koel Ganguli – Coordinator at Scadding Court
  • Natasha Hargovan – Coordinator Wild Women Expedition

Others asking to stay informed about it

  • Diana K Fleming at Annex Flea
  • Makenna Howard at Makybows
  • Marisol Fornoni at Fundraising and Development
  • Heidi Pyper at Food Share
  • Erica Thompson at Loft Kitchen

Note - No permanent roles have been assigned yet
Volunteers System

  • We can tap in to the hosting community centers and stakeholders for volunteers


Monthly event

  • Do at least 1 per month to give breathing room
  • Allows for Social Enterprises to re up
  • It takes about 3 weeks of promotion per event

Annual Event

  • Use high profile event for Dundas Square or the Metro Convention Center

Other locations being discussed

  • Scadding Court
  • Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office
  • Flemingdon Health Center
  • Loft Kitchen
  • Danforth East Community Association
  • Riverdale Hub
  • 99 Sudbury

The first event should be organized within the means we have now

  • Saves money
  • Raise brand awareness through word of mouth
  • Doesn’t alienate our demographics as we don’t want to be too corporate upfront
  • Raise funding for event
  • Understand event logistics


  • We can set up a profit share system for early buy ins
  • We can earn money through event sponsors
  • We discussed grant options
  • Pre orders for tables

Research and Development
Based on previous research and development at the Metro Convention Center

  • They can fit an estimated 300 tables there
  • Each table sold at an estimated $30
  • Doing a 3-day event (maybe for the holidays?)


  • Brings in an estimated $27,000 on tables sold


  • MCC fits about $3,000 people
  • we need to find out what people spend on average at these events
  • who may need to pay anywhere between 5 to 10


  • Based on $5 which I have found to be a great entry point for the target demographics we will be looking to make $25,000 on foot traffic

Estimated amount worth

  • $52,000

The event’s website has to do the following

  • Collect survey data
  • Act as a store for Social Enterprises to sign up.
  • Promote the website
  • Provide information for event
  • Buy a table
  • Coordinate registrations for volunteers

Social Entrepreneurs Workshop

  • Also part of the profit system will be The Social Entrepreneurs workshops, a 4 part workshop that creates a blueprint on how to set up your social enterprise, social media hierarchy and a efficient pop up shop


  • Estimated table costs starting at $30 per social enterprise + additional features like electricity

Important dates

  • Set up a meeting to finalize a plan to start executing immediately.
  • Start first event in April featuring at least 10 tables.
  • June 29th we can apply for a 20 to 50k grant through Metcalf Foundation

end with or be at a level where we get at least 100 tables pre sold for a possible boxing day shopping event