5 Great Ways Artists Can Strengthen Creative Discipline

5 Great Ways Artists Can Strengthen Creative Discipline


Pursuing your dreams as a Creative Entrepreneur can be a challenge when it comes to consistency.

With a thirst for freedom and imagination, it can be difficult to tame our creative chaos into routine productivity without compromising our health, art, workflow and ability to pursue new opportunities.

As a result, the mere thought of creative discipline can sometimes spark feelings of dread, anxiety or guilt for those struggling to find the right rhythm! With the pressure of time, deadlines and bills, we are always searching for better ways to stream-line our process to its highest potential.

Fortunately, the word “discipline” does not have to be synonymous with an unenjoyable experience. Instead, we can address creative discipline as a commitment to our dreams, intentions and goals!

By exerting routines, boundaries and control over our actions, we can harness the potential to optimize our talents and turn creative blocks into strategic productivity.

With that, here are 5 great ways that artists can strengthen their creative process through the art of self-discipline:

1. Work During Your Most Productive Hours

Whether you identify as a night owl or an early bird, take the time to discover your most productive conditions.

By blocking off specific time frames to devote to productivity, you can train your brain to anticipate a routine and minimize the threat of unwanted distractions.

Alternatively, many creatives find that specific environmental factors can also have a positive impact on their ability to create. Whether it is a particular location, mood or genre of music - the trick is finding what works best for you and weaponizing it.

2. Practice Mindfulness

Let’s face it. Life can be stressful sometimes, causing us to feel distracted, overwhelmed, or even trapped in our heads.

While mindfulness is defined as a mental state achieved through conscious awareness, this therapeutic technique can offer incredible benefits to relieve stress, increase resilience, improve sleep, enhance emotional intelligence and of course, promote creativity.

Take a few moments each day to observe your thought patterns, physical sensations, or even the details around the room.

This healthy habit will not only help you stay on task, but it will help curate a positive mental space for productivity to thrive.

3. Plan Ahead

The benefits of a checklist are severely underrated. With a bit of organization, we have the potential to organize our thoughts, time and energy into a personal system.

From smartphones and calendars to notebooks and post-it notes - there are a variety of options to suit just about any workflow.

Carve out some time at the beginning or end of each day to jot down a list of “to-do” items. This will help you prioritize the most pressing tasks and time-slot them accordingly.

4. Balance Work & Play

The biggest risk for creative burnout is overworking without a healthy balance of leisure and fun.

While the previous tips are incredibly helpful in growing your creative discipline, they can also be applied to your personal life!

Be sure to spend time doing the things you enjoy outside of your creative work. Whether it be spending time with loves ones, nurturing a hobby, cooking a new recipe or just passively relaxing -  taking the time for yourself will give you the mental (and social) break that each of us need.

Not to mention, you will also find better focus when you are ready to create!

5. Build Your Network

Expand your social circle with people who inspire you. By sharing thoughts and ideas with like-minded individuals, we can easily gain fresh perspectives that help fuel our creative approach.

Create friendships with people who have a similar or inspiring vision. Collaborate and support each others goals. Create, celebrate and repeat.

With a few changes, you are bound to witness an improvement to your creative workflow.

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