RnD – The Annex Art Party Fundraiser

Buyers can go to www.FMiMBranding.com to buy ticket online

  • Free Minds in Motion is a profit share system. All online forms will ask for referral so we can compensate accordingly

Ticket gives buyer 1 free item at participating vendors

  • Ticket helps raise funding to open an incubator in Africa
  • Helps raise funding to provide Freesanama with art equipment
  • Helps pay for social media staff
  • Helps pay marketing overheads

Ticket price

  • $20 fundraiser tickets

$5.00 goes to vendor
Participating vendors

  • Get beer at the CSI Cafe
  • Get a sample Rum Cake
  • Get a sample Jerk Chicken
  • Get a sample Butter chicken
  • Get 1 page from Izik Bell artwork
  • Get 1 page from Freesanama artwork

$5.00 goes to seller

  • Free Minds in Motion relies on a profit share system to honor our hardworking volunteers. All our projects will always have a portion re allocated to those who made it possible

$6.50 goes to fundraiser

  • Our 3 stages fundraiser will help artist Freesanama Get computer equipment in stage 1, visit Toronto in stage 2 and stage 3 where The Social Think Tank travels to Africa to start developing an artist incubator

$3.50 goes to overheads

  • Overheads includes paying for advertisement, rental fees, contractors, advisors, communication and the tools and apps that keep our operations running at optimal levels