Video – The 1st Annex Art Party Event Logistics

The first quarterly Annex Art Party takes place at the Centre for Social Innovation (Annex) and its geared towards incubating emerging artists in Toronto. The event currently features vendor spaces animated by the likes of painters, artists, stylists, tinkerers, movie makers, and jewelers.
Event flow
The Annex Art Party is a beautifully choreographed series of events featuring artwork, street performers, music, business development workshops, as well as info on how to get microloans to kickstart your project.
Food and drinks
You can eat Desi food or West Indian food, chocolate desserts, or buy drinks at the bar.
CSI's licensed cafe will be open.
Artist, join our Facebook community group
Date change + vision
With the addition of new staff and a more refined vision, we will need more time to choreograph and deliver.
For event details
Our goal is to raise enough funding for art, artists, and their projects in Toronto and around the world.
We are working with African artist Sanama so he can finish his comic, "Looking for Molly". We want to help his community by opening or starting an art incubator space (or a program) in Yaoundé, Africa.
You can view his profile page on FMiMBranding
Vendor spaces still available. Please sign up here:
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