8 Ways to Automate Your Business & Help Increase Revenue

Saving Time Can Mean Making Money

If you don’t respond to an email quickly enough the odds of qualifying a lead if called in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes drops 21 times, identified in a lead response study.  As a result, timeliness plays a significant role in growing a business. For instance, if you don't have a personal assistant, as most don't, automate parts of your business especially if they're free and simple.

Responding quickly matters even if it’s automated.

What processes are repetitive in your business? For instance, emails, DMs, client interactions, invoices? The time spent on these adds up if you’re not automating. Ultimately automating means more time to create your artwork and secure sales.

8 Ways to Automate Your Business & Help Increase Revenue

  1. Email auto-response – did you know you can auto-respond to emails so you don’t need to be checking emails every hour of every day? Check your emails on set days of the week, that way you can tackle them all at once. Constantly dividing your attention is not effective, and neither is multitasking. Here’s how you set them up in Gmail and Outlook

“Hi, [Name]!
Thank you for contacting us. I wanted to let you know that we received your note and working on your request, hang tight! Someone will be in touch shortly.”


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  1. Email signature – this small, but mighty task is important. Include your name, and working social media links, but keep it simple and visible. Don't include every platform, but the main ones. More importantly, include the possibility to sign up for a newsletter because email lists are gold in marketing. Target them in the future to improve engagement and client retention rates. Return customers are higher than marketing to a new one. Message them well before the holidays for promotions.


  1. Instagram message auto-replies – auto-replies on Instagram can be saved if you have a business account. You save a bunch, and the next time you need to message someone, just type in the keyword and that reply will automatically pop up, here's how you do it.


  1. Lead process – a lead is someone who may potentially become a client or paying customer. Create a process for each lead you interact with. Are they: a new opportunity, someone you’re contacting, or engaging, or are they a qualified customer? People don’t always have the budget and authority upon first interaction – you might be selling artwork in the thousands. Keep track of this process with a clear excel sheet marking down the details, such as name, number, date and stage of lead processing.


  1. Automate to current customers - the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60 – 70%. Attracting a new customer costs five times as much as keeping an existing one, which falls into building brand awareness and trust. Make sure you are sending out consistent email marketing because Keap shares that when marketed through email, people spend 138% more than people who don’t receive email offers. You can use MailChimp or another marketing tool such as Keap, or others.


  1. Surveys – this is a very important feature for any growing company. Customer feedback helps you pinpoint any blind spots – what is and isn’t working – before making drastic changes. Every so often be intentional about sending out a survey to your email list, perhaps once a year to get feedback in return for a discount code. You can use SurveyMonkey which is free for up to 10 questions, or Google forms. Some are free for students and non-profits such as SoGoSurvey  Depending on your service whether it’s website building or an e-commerce site, here is a list of 15 questions and a longer one of 65 organized by type and purpose. Do not include more than 10 questions, and do not repeat questions - make them useful for your business.


  1. Automate your social media posts – automate your social media posts through Hootsuite or another app. This is a time saver if you need to cut out any extra work. You can still post in real-time in between scheduled posts if that's a worry. With this app, batch content (grouping similar tasks in one sitting) each month to maintain consistent brand awareness across platforms. This website allows for 3 free accounts to be linked, with a total of 30 posts scheduled at once. You can even schedule a Facebook post.


  1. Finances – automating finances will save you a lot of stress and hassle of doing it in retrospect. Receipts, billing, invoices, and follow-ups. If you don’t want the headache and you're unsure of what exactly financing entails, check out Wave (free) or Quickbooks (as little as $2/day) or FreshBooks and their tutorials to understand what they can offer and if you need it, or if an excel works for now.

Remember, automate what will help you - you don't know if you don't try. Ultimately, don't make it hard for people to find you. Don't delay if there are free tools out there. Use these and other automating tools to help you focus less on mundane tasks so you can focus on putting your artwork out in the world.