(89 Pictures) Something Amazing Happened #TAAP4

I remember last year when I sat down and described filling up the CSI Annex with art I was laughed at; people walked out of my meeting, insinuated the idea isn’t worth their time and even went as far as telling me I don’t know what I’m doing. But I could see it, I could see it vividly: an event that fills up 2,600 square feet of space with something beautiful.

I did the 1st event around spring last year, then immediately followed that one up with a 2nd one in the summer.

The plan was to produce 4 events to complete a circle, but by the 3rd #TAAP life itself turned to quicksand, everything became lethargic, my feet felt like cement, and a tunnel stretched my vision a million miles away from me. Life became a blur. I didn't know what to do at first; I was so tired. At times I was standing still to let quicksand overtake me, inching up higher on my body.

That's when I remembered...

Life can kick us.

While we’re on the floor trying to figure out how we got there, it will kick us again, life can be cruel, life can be unfair sometimes. Life does this because it must test us to see if we are worthy of the riches we ask for. That’s the only way we evolve beyond our current situation.

Something amazing happened.

That last month leading up to #TAAP4, while I was caught up absorbing the self, artists continued to register, post their art, share the event, ask me about logistics, talk to me and come out to meet with me! By the time May 17th came around, something amazing had happened. #TAAP4 was beyond a creative community and beyond positive vibes. It was great to see art, but it was greater still to see artists return, some for the 4th time.  I tried to define this amazing occurrence, and the same word kept coming up. #TAAP4 felt like family, a family of artists at a BBQ reunion.

Thank you all for coming out and supporting this family.