Al Runt to Help Award Unicorns for The Annex Art Party 5

Have you gone to Al Runt's 3D Show?

It's a wonderful display of color that fully immerses you into the mind of artist Alex Currie. Over the years I've always seen Al's work downtown around Kensington Market, but it wasn't until I walked into Hashtag Gallery for a show that I understood the exorbitant amount of detail that goes into his
art.The artist doesn't just create, it’s like creation is driving him, it is him. His world is one full of hugable monsters with emotions, some angry, others happy, but all with charm, just living their lives.

Every time I blinked I caught new details, further expanding on or completely changing the narrative I’m building for them in my head, a real-life Alice in Wonderland.

Al Runt doesn't just create murals, he breathes universes into existence. He’s created some of the most iconic murals of the city, including one at Lee's Palace. It is my pleasure to announce that Al will be at The Annex Art Party this year to help us award Unicorns for The Artist of the Summer.


About Alex Currie

Alex Currie, better known by his artistic moniker RUNT or Al Runt, began his art career in Toronto’s underground scene in the early ’80s, drawing posters to hang around the Cameron House and eventually landing the gig to paint the now-iconic mural outside Lee’s Palace. He and his army of neon monsters and rascally creatures amassed a devoted following among musicians and other artists, as the Lee’s mural made the venue one of the city’s most recognizable buildings.

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