Call to Artists – The 2nd Video Exhibit is on Friday May 15th

Creation Events

  • After #TAAP6 we decided to move away from tabled events and added an emphasis on 1 keyword, intimacy.
  • Artists will use one of 4 foundations (including Creation, Installation, Performance, and or Exhibition) to animate an immersive event. Telling a fairy tale that takes advantage of social media, participating spaces, and the event itself. 

Artists of Toronto

  • C19 has changed our plans to host monthly exhibits and an ongoing incubator at Gallery 1017 but it hasn't altered our initiative to build and promote a creative community of entrepreneurs. Artists of Toronto continue where the Melanin Exhibit left off and this time the platform will be Zoom. #AoT is an online exhibit where artists get to rant, promote their work, talent or service.

  • The exhibit gets broadcasted live on our website and Youtube channel (subscribe to our channel)

Artists click below to register


About the 1st Video Exhibit

The 1st video exhibit was amazing and we plan to take what we learned to expand on it.

The CreativeUTO website had double the traffic (compared to the previous day), the official promotional video was the fastest to 100 views (our channel is still very young) and our room got about 22 guests at its peak. Our 1st video exhibit featuring over 4 hours of art, dance, music, performances, and showcases. 

I want to thank everyone who came out to view the show. Jade Elektra for hosting Eman for a mesmerizing performance, Bobby Kumar for his amazing music and transcending art, Anna Cyan for live painting, SofiL for showing her studio, Maggie Chang for performing Feminist Killjoy and Navneet for the insightful artwork and conversations. 

Catta Lyst you are a warrior. 

Special thanks to Nicole Little for creating these wonderful artworks, and Char G for her generous support

Call to Artists

  • We discuss ABLO and SMARTER starting at 7 pm
  • The full event schedule will be made available on May 11th
  • It's free to participate in the video exhibit

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