Art Therapist Maj Bee To Help Award Unicorns for #TAAP5

I am so excited to be a judge at the Creative Unicorn of Toronto ART PARTY!

Meeting a Creative Community

The art community in Toronto is extremely diverse and vibrant. #CUTO is an amazing community helping artist, creative minds and like-minded people come together to collaborate and mingle. I am most excited to see the art installation and mingling with everyone. Best of luck to everyone and see you all there.

About Art Therapist Maja Bee

As an art therapist and team building facilitator, Maj Bee also known as Maja is skilled and experienced in managing the creative process of individuals and teams in problem solving, developing interpersonal skills and organizational effectiveness. She has flexibility, well-honed skills, deep insight and a thorough understanding of human motivation. Her facilitation style is engaging, entertaining and highly interactive.

Maja’s core focus and experience is in group facilitation and customized program design. She has worked with small businesses and public organizations, across a broad and varied range of industries. With this background Maja brings diverse professional and personal experiences to any individual or organization with whom she is privileged to work.

Help you realize your full potential

Maja’s vision is to support others to realize their inherent creative potential. She is passionately committed to bring the best out of people who are working together in a relaxed, creative and stimulating environment.

Maja has Bachelors in Fine Arts, with a major in Theatre and a minor in Fine Arts. She is a certified art therapist, project manager and holds a diploma in communications

You can visit her website here


The Art Hive


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