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Call to Artists – 60 Spaces Available for #TAAP6 on Saturday Dec 7th

TAAP6 - The Annex Art Party

A holiday pop up market for up to 60 vendors that features positive vibes for a creative community; emerging artists of Toronto can connect through a series of beautifully choreographed events that include vending their art, mixing and mingling, and performing live art like dance or music. The event also offers food and beverages to artists and vendors alike.


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Contemporary Extravaganza

is a display of contemporary art made by Canadian artists who work in diverse and unexpected contexts and whose artworks reveal highly personal and authentic forms of expression. Our aim is to introduce these artworks to a wide audience and to expand our understanding of what can be accepted as contemporary art.


  • Saturday, December 7, 2019 12 pm – 9 pm,


  • Center for Social Innovation – 720 Bathurst Street




The Unicorn Awards 2019

Introducing The Winter Unicorn Awards a follow up of The Unicorn Awards during #TAAP5.

Voting will start on November 16t through CUTO Marketplace, Facebook group and IG Pages. Voting will continue throughout the event through ballots as well as on the @CreativeUTO IG page for most hearts and or comments (let's call it volume).

  • Voting for Unicorn Awards starts November 16th
  • Voting on the floor starts as soon as doors open
  • Event goers and Judges walk around with ballots
  • Votes are counted and revealed at 6 p.m.
  • The awards will be presented to artists starting at 6:00 p.m.


Golden Unicorns

  • Artists who get the most votes get golden unicorns
  • Runner ups get silver unicorns


3 step registration process


Step 1

  • Vendors register tables for free


Step 2

  • Secure your table with through PayPal
  • PayPal takes debit cards
  • Limited space available 


$145 per table - without wall space 


$160 per table with wall space (12 to 20 spaces available )

  • Limited wall spaces
  • Wall space is about 3 feet (length of your table)
  • by 9 feet high
  • Must bring in painter's tape to or wires to hang up your art


Note - Early bird deposits are due on August 1st



Step 3


Join – Volunteer at BIG on Bloor: Bloordale. Arts. Culture

BIG on Bloor Festival, a summer arts and culture festival that happens on July 20th in Bloordale, is looking for volunteers! Please share the below posting with anyone you know who may be interested. Volunteers 13+ are accepted, with volunteer hours given to high school students, and no experience is required. Feel free to email me with any questions. 
Join us as a volunteer at BIG on Bloor: Bloordale. Arts. Culture
( on July 20th! This summer festival happens along a car-free stretch of Bloor Street West between Dufferin and Lansdowne to celebrate local arts, culture and community, and has drawn up to 100,000 people. We rely on the help of volunteers for the festival's success!
 Volunteers help with a variety of roles, from set-up and take-down of vendor spaces and creative installations, to helping visitors navigate the festival, to running the information booths. This year our volunteers will also play the exciting and important role of helping bring to life our goal of having a zero-waste festival. Volunteer shifts are five hours each, with breaks for food and refreshments. This is a great opportunity to gain volunteers hours, meet awesome people, and make an impact. 
Sign-up here:



Toronto RISE Project

Shop – Intuitive Fluid Abstract Painting Journal of Tokoroii (Zoe Bu)

“I know nothing but I feel everything.”

tokoroii (Zoe Bu) is a new comer to Canada, and a recent come-out queer person who identifies as gender-fluid and pan-romantic demisexual. Xe was born and raised in southwest China, and already fell in love with the ambience of art + design that Toronto has to offer. During the stay as a previous graphic design student xe has been navigating life difficulties caused by cultural shock and long-term mental health challenges alone for the past few years. Not every artist has to be suffering like a cliché in order to make art, however, tokoroii’s art pieces are the most affirmative fruits of positivity that xe can possibly make out of those crippling “negativities”.

Therefore making art firstly started to become xyr therapeutic relief and then has been taking its significant role as a poetically yet realistically outlet for channeling suppressed emotions. Then through the interactions and conversations with the audience (friends & colleagues), tokoroii gets re-inspired by all the feedback because “people see things that I don’t originally see while creating, and everyone’s unique interpretation makes them (the paintings) more vitalized.” “I feel the calling,” said xe, “and my life has been deeply converted by it (art).” After a while of way finding since late 2018, tokoroii has recently achieved a few things with xyr current painting series The Right Kind of Mess, such as getting into [email protected] 2019, having the opportunity as an indie studio artist at Sketch Working Arts, and also being accepted by OCAD U for Drawing & Painting. These outcomes within 6 months have offered tokoroii a chance to find out that art means being spontaneous/intuitive and prudent/thoughtful at the same time to xemself; authenticity and timeliness tend to be heavily cooperated in xyr work.

With the affluent intentions and ambitions, tokoroii hope that xe can have a career as a lifetime artist from where xe has started here in Toronto. As this very moment, comparing to years back when xe refused to open up to the world and saw things with hostility, tokoroii would describe himself as a totally better version of xyr old personality which is led by the transformation of doing art and the wholeness of being xyr true self. Xe is enormously grateful for every piece of social service and mental care xe has ever accessed because nothing would happen for xe without the right support.

In the future, xe wishes to hopefully destigmatize mental illness, spread pride and discuss the connection between spirituality and universe, through xyr art practice in multidisciplinary forms, and attempts to ignite something extraordinary out of this gift of translating and rephrasing human feelings as abstract visualizations in somewhat artistic ways.


What do you do?

Acrylic and mixed media on Canvas, not limited, also trying new things


Use 5 keywords to describe your art/medium

Intuitive "fluid+abstract" painting journal


Why did you get started?

Firstly as my therapy for mental illnesses and along the way I feel the calling.


Tell us the 1st time you knew what you are doing is the way?

People told me "you should do this for a living."


What are you working on right now?

The Right Kind of Mess is my very first series of “fluid+abstract” paintings which evidences the real stories, hurts/solaces, and realizations though my life as a self-exploration journal, from the timeframe since late 2017 till early 2019, and there are 9 pieces in total, themed with complex emotions evoked by what actually happened at specific times in life, and then painted afterwards. What I intended to communicate from this series is that how subtle and strong the abstract feelings of human beings can be interpreted in the languages of abstract art. A lot times art doesn’t need too many words to be understood, but for meeting for the first time, I want you to know that I exist and who I am. Representational artwork is beyond great yet the art form of abstract and fluid speak the clearest to me personally; so I have tried to combine these two ideas together and hopefully these paintings can bring you a fresh visual presence while implying any possible resonance.


Describe your creative process?

I pour my emotions/feeling onto the canvas with a plan.


Who is your art for? Why is it important?

For myself as a start, and then for my queer community, hopefully for anyone one day. I would see my art a book of diary and also a piece of mirror that takes notes of real things happened in my life and they are evidences that I exist and live, and the audience could see things that are probably underplayed or overlooked form day to day life are shown again.


What is the hardest part about being an artist?

The fear of NOT being discovered and recognized, the hardship between surviving and getting art supplies of course.


If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be and why? 

Don't be afraid, reclaim your own voice, and make it heard.


If you had to pitch a collaborative project to the community, what would it be?

A collaborative project that intends to destigmatize mental health or spread pride.


What is one thing you'd like to fix in the art community?

That some artists have to choose surviving over thriving.


Why is art and creativity important for the community at large

Art and creativity are the essence of human imagination and they need to be encouraged, nurtured and kept.



Have you had to deal with isolation, mental healths and or homelessness? What did you learn from your experience?

Yes I have lived with isolation and mental illness over 7 years in total and my life before was heavily impacted by it. It altered my way of seeing this world and made the worst version of myself, but after years of getting help and practice, I come to know about how emotions work in my head, how to deal with stress/circumstances with mindfulness, and how to gain back the control and be the master of my own life.


What are your views on isolation, homelessness, mental health in the arts community? 

That some artists have to choose surviving over thriving.


What are some steps artists can take to cope with isolation, homelessness, mental health? *

Social services, group therapy, counselling.


Shop - Intuitive Fluid Abstract Painting Journal of Tokoroii (Zoe Bu)

What is your Instagram (or portfolio/shop) Url? *


#CUTO Community Memberships

Inherithearth – The Interdimensional & Life Paintings of Cynthia Van Leeuwen

Who are you? 

I am an oil painter born and living in Toronto, although I lived in the USA for over a decade. Reno, Minneapolis, on a mountain in New Mexico between Sante Fe and Sante Fe and Manhattan for most of that time


What do you do?

Oil painter, Portrait Artist, Paint A Canvas, Paint Your Pet (these last two are teaching, instructional gigs.)


Why did you get started?

In my soul, chomping at the bit before I could walk or talk


Tell us the 1st time you knew what you are doing is the way?

I had a mantra when I was only a child that ran through my mind to encourage me in my despair of the state of the world, the oppression I felt and saw around me, "This time, this time, this time, this time. It accompanied me as I walked to school, as I was hurt, frustrated, enraged, grief-stricken, terrified.


What are you working on right now?

I have a show at the hospital in Burlington where my mother recently died. I have a show coming up at Starving Artist Runnymede and St Clair. I took part in the Articulations Sketchbook Challenge, the show is up there right now.


Describe your creative process?

I starve to paint more than I hunger for food. I want to paint stories in brush strokes.


Who is your art for?

My art is for people who have feelings, for the underdog, for the consciously aware, for children because they are usually strongly all of these things. I go for the tears when I do a portrait. If I can make someone cry my day is made.


What is the hardest part about being an artist?

Painting as well as I wish to. It is a rough lifestyle in some ways. Painters drop off the edge of the arts for the most part.


If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be and why? 

You got it, no doubt!


If you had to pitch a collaborative project to the community, what would it be?

Oh Lord I have a brilliant idea I have been trying to get greenlighted so long. It is a long story is there room for that here?


What is one thing you'd like to fix in the art community?

I would love to see people painting being as ubiquitous as music/dance clubs

Why is art and creativity important for the community at large

This has been urgent to me for ages. I saw how creative types were more or less shoved into graphic design/advertising because 'there is no money in art'. Advertising can be brilliant but when it steals the cream of the crop new radar ideas and then slap their logo on it is reductive. I have longed to see billboards used for actual 'advertising' and now I see that happening. I love it. Bigger huge art for the community to 'learn' from. Expansion and evolution all around!


Have you had to deal with isolation, mental health and or homelessness? What did you learn from your experience?

I feel pretty much we all suffer from 'mental health' because our world is sick as chit. We are more than mental, we have four parts, Spirit, Body, Heart and Will. If any of these is out of whack we are out of whack and we for sure are out of whack. I have been blessed with a strong inner world which has held and guided me through this mess. I have been homeless and that is terrifying. I was okay but it is a super rough gig. I would not wish it on anyone. This Universe is wondrous beyond compare and even when I literally had nowhere to stay, wandering the streets, I was okay


What are your views on isolation, homelessness, mental health in the arts community?

Oh let's have so much more of it. Creating is healing, the process, the story and the outcome.

What are some steps artists can take to cope with isolation, homelessness, mental health? 

I feel we need to be encouraged to know how glorious we are and that we can ask for help from even our Higher Selves to guide us. I feel the more we believe in our exact subjective experience, the more we learn to accept ourselves exactly as we are in any given moment the more we may relax and feel loved and cared for. The minority of one is as important as the One.


What is your Instagram (or portfolio/shop) Url?

What is your Facebook (or portfolio/shop) Url?

Shop – Black Love: The Passionate Art of Ray


Who are you?
Ewart Raymond (Art Ray) or just simply Ray. 
What do you do?
I produce and sell original artworks. I also sell canvas prints, paper prints, and framed paper prints of various sizes, etc.
Why did you get started?
I was always creating art. When I was young I wanted to replicate what I saw and to make it perfect. When I became an adult, the art I made was to speak to me from the walls as a form of motivation. I now create the same type of art using different elements that continue to speak to me as well as others. 

Describe your creative process?
Most of my creations are based around couples, intimacy, families, and love. I mainly work from references. I then add my own twist to make them into what I see in my head. I use mostly acrylics, some oils, and some pastels to bring my creations to life. 


Who is your art for? Why is it important?
My art is mainly for adults, but I also create pieces that are family oriented which are for all people. I use my art to speak to the mundane aspects, as well as the metal aspects because both aspects are important to us as human beings.


If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be and why?
I would tell my younger self to create more and to try and reach as many people as possible. I would also tell my younger self to be interactive with proactive and productive people, predominantly.



What are you working on right now?
I am currently working on finishing up a few pieces on families. I am also working on some pieces of couples that show intimacy, love vibrations, and connectivity.


What are your views on homelessness and mental illness in the arts community?
A home is what houses you and your body, and all your creations. Homelessness is a big issue and it shouldn't be based on all the wealth in the world but nevertheless, it is a huge problem. Mental health is very important since the mind drives the body, and if your mental state is affected, then you cannot advance as you would expect. I think art plays a very important role in soothing the minds of most individuals. It can bring about a calmness from everyday chaos.


What is your Instagram (or portfolio/shop) Url? *

my website is

and my Instagram is




Call To Artists – 100 Toronto Artists Talk Solutions: Isolation, Homelessness & Mental Health

100 Toronto Artist Talk Isolation, Mental Health & Homelessness

  • We're looking to ask 100 artists about #isolation, #homelessness, and #mentalhealth in the art community through our #ArtistoftheWeek interviews. The interviews will be published in our marketplace alongside your art and link backs.

    Our goal is to use the information from the interviews to research and develop for solutions in the creative community

Participate - Click this link to start publishing your interview (publishing is free)

Our goals for 2019

  • Interview + publish 100 artists, coders, creators and developers (in 2019)
  • Present 100 artists for #100artgiftideas for December 2019
  • Award all participating artists with the Unicorn Awards #UnicornAwards
  • Register 60 artists for The Annex Art Party on August 24th #TAAP6
  • Register 60 artists for The Annex Art Party on December 14th #TAAP7


The Artists of the Month

  • Artist of the Month is determined by the artist that generates the most volume (volume = sales, shares, comments, views & likes).
  • It ranks your popularity amongst 100s of other CreativeUTO published artists
  • Volume is the name of the currency built in to the CreativeUTO community
  • Volume is rewarded based on activity
  • We use data, metrics, analytics from Google, Facebook, and SMARTERai
  • Artist of the Month receives a free unicorn membership
  • Artist of the Month wins a Unicorn Award for that month

Publishing cycle

Artist of the Week will be announced and published between Monday and Tuesday.

  • All artists are notified of their publish date.
  • We publish 3 posts focused on the #AotW
  • We heavily promote it on Facebook and Instagram by paying for ads and sharing posts manually
  • We use videos and picture ads
  • Artist of the Week gets featured in our weekly art pop-up at CSI Annex (valued $60)
  • 2 month membership with CreativeUTO (valued at $60)
  • Business canvas model workshop, a sales funnel hierarchy (1 hour per class 4 hours) ($160)
  • A free table at the next Annex Art Party ($45 per table)
  • Gets automatically entered in our #100GiftIdeas 2019 edition for the holidays.

Our Network

  • We use our growing network of creative entrepreneurs which includes an E-mail list of 352 users, a Meetup group 500+ coders, a Facebook Group of 236 Unicorns with videos that have over 1,000 views (within a few days) each, and an Instagram page with over 1,700 followers and over 1,000 views in 7 days (as of March 24th 2019).


Between March 5th and April 28th we had a 4,655 post reach on our Facebook fan page, about 155 views per day, up 56% from the previous month they consisted of

  • 52% women
  • 44% men
  • 71% between the ages of 25 and 54
  • 53% between the ages of 25 and 44

The FMiMBranding and CreativeUTO continues to grow daily with our posts consistently ranking on the first Google through our mastery of SEO automation.

Extended Network reach

  • We buy advertisement from social media to extend our reach
  • We use their engines to place your art in front of the people looking for it NOW


Shop – Artist, Creative Director, Graphic Designer Helen Una George


Helen Una George is an Artist and Creative Director, specializing in brand and business development. Helen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Diploma in Advanced Graphic Design and spent most of her design career focused on corporate branding and marketing, and working on business development projects with high profile companies and individuals. As a freelancer, her design projects range from logo creation to directing full brand ideation and execution with a specialty in working with start-ups and small businesses. As a painter, she experiments with organic forms along with geometric shapes and works primarily in acrylic. Helen’s overall style is known to be minimal, linear and monochromatic, and carries this style throughout her paintings as well as her designs.


What do you do?
I am an Artist, Creative Director and Graphic Designer


Why did you get started?
Art has always been my passion, since I was a child. My mother was also an artist and graphic designer. Much of my education is centered around design, and after working in the corporate world for much of my career, I quit and am now pursuing art and design full time.


What are you working on right now?
I am working on a painting as part of my 'Cube' series, as well as several client gigs.


Describe your creative process?
I have 3 Phases, and these phases are carried through each and every project I take on. Phase I: Conceptualize Phase II: Develop Phase II: Execute


Who is your art for? Why is it important?
Very cliche; however I absolutely love making the world prettier. My art is for that, and for myself.


If you could tell your younger self anything what would it be and why? *
Go with your gut!


What are your views on homelessness, mental health in the arts community?
Homelessness: A very important issue in my books. For Christmas, we gathered three families and drop off care packages to the homeless downtown. The packages were snacks, Tim Horton's cards, sock, winter gear and a towel, assembled in backpacks. We skipped gift-giving to fund this initiative. Mental Health: Another important issues. I suffer from a mental disorder and my art is my therapy (supplementing my REAL therapy). In light of CAMH's current campaign, I started a virtual online auction called Our One Brave Night ( Arts Community: I am mind-blown by the support between artists, creatives, and clients in the arts community. It is awesome to come across platforms such as this!


What is your Instagram (or portfolio/shop) Url? *





Community Memberships

Service – Do You Know The 80/20 Rule of Job Searching?

Job hunting is grueling and draining and it's easy to fall into the trap of simply submitting applications on Indeed or similar platforms. But when the results are not there, what other options are available? 
Would you believe considerably more?
What if I told you that 80 per cent of jobs are not advertised and that I tell my clients not to spend more than 20% of their time applying for advertised jobs. The rest of your time needs to spent finding the backdoor. 
My latest service package covers exactly HOW to do that.  
Ideal for someone thinking of quitting but staying put due to lack of perceived options.

Job Search 80/20 package you will learn the research, reconnaissance necessary to build and leverage your network and uncover opportunities hidden from traditional search means. 

What to expect

  • You will learn the research, reconnaissance necessary to build and leverage your network and uncover opportunities hidden from traditional search means. 
  • In the first of 3 strategy sessions (of 45 minutes each) we will review and evaluate your current job search tactics, networking efforts and results. 
  • We will then discuss the starting points for lines of inquiry and best ways to reach out and expand.
  • At the end of each session, you will be issued a list of action items and asked to complete it before our next meeting. This may include but will not be limited to, journalling themes, research of industries, businesses, strategic contacts, networking groups etc.
  • Second and Third sessions will consist of reviewing your progress and results of your previous action list modifying as needed.  

Pricing information is included in the attached service description. The package may be expanded to include Linkedin profile as well.
CSI members and CreativeUTO Members receive a 10% discount on the one-time payment.
Visit her on Facebook or on Linked In

Inspirations Studio – Join us for Spring Pottery Classes

Join us for Spring Pottery Classes!

Tues 6-9, April 9- May 14. (no class May 7)
Wed 6-9, April 10-May 15. Beginners only (no class May 8)
Sun 12-3, April 7-May 5

  • Five week sessions (3 hour classes). Small classes with lots of time on the wheel.
  • The cost is $260.00 including materials.
  • Sorry no makeup classes.
  • All proceeds go toward running our core program for marginalised women.

Thank you!!!

Please call us to sign up at 416 367 2728 or come by our studio and store at 2480 Dundas St west (just north of Bloor).

Join us – We are expanding our coding team


Join us - We are expanding our coding team

  • Being on the CUTO Creative team is a paid gig
  • manage the monthly meetups
  • setup a coding workshop/workshops
  • manage ongoing coding projects at 
  • you'll be expected to write weekly blogs about coding and business
  • Promote the blog, CodingUTO  CreativeUTO

If you're interested, please register your info below and I will contact the best fits. 

For more info about CreativeUTO 

This is for our online incubator project

Become a community member