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We are looking for 23 Canadian artists

#TAAP6 – We are Looking for 23 Canadian Artists + New Dates & Location Change (Phase 2)

We are looking for 23 Canadian artists

#TAAP6 - Now at 918 Bathurst Street on Sunday, November 10th


Click here to register


Call to Artists

There are 60 interviews recorded for Toronto Artists Talk Solutions out of those 60 interviews 37 have registered for The Annex Art Party 6. All wall spaces have been sold out but we'll have an RSVP list.


TAAP6 - The Annex Art Party

A holiday pop-up market for up to 60 vendors that feature positive vibes for a creative community. Emerging artists of Toronto can connect through a series of beautifully choreographed events that include vending their art, mixing and mingling, and performing live art like dance or music. The event also offers food and beverages to artists and vendors alike.


Contemporary Extravaganza

is a display of contemporary art made by Canadian artists who work in diverse and unexpected contexts and whose artworks reveal highly personal and authentic forms of expression. Our aim is to introduce these artworks to a wide audience and to expand our understanding of what can be accepted as contemporary art.


New location

The new location is just up the street from Bathurst Station, it's at 918 Bathurst St. This new location allows us to host 2-day events on a weekend starting in May 2020 for #TAAP7. #TAAP6 will still be a 1-day event on Sunday, November 10th, 2019 starting at 2 pm. I am however already selling space for May 


Early bird ended August 1st:

  • $160 per table - without wall space
  • $180 per table with wall space
  • Wall spaces sold out (RSVP list for spaces


#TAAP6 (Phase 2 Viral Video)

  • You will be contacted for This is a Unicorn Meetup (viral video for the event)
  • We are looking for 23 Canadian artists
  • The Annex Art Party 6
  • on Sunday, November 10th
  • from 2 pm till 7 pm


#TAAP7 (Phase 1 – Early birds)

  • 2 days 60 tables per day
  • Starts on Saturday, May 30th, 2020
  • Goes until Sunday, May 31st, 2020
  • Both days are from 2 till 11 pm


Both will be hosted at


1 step registration process

Click here to register

When we receive your application we'll E-Mail you an invoice

  • We no longer process cash. We use Paypal
  • Paypal allows for debit card payments
  • We send you an invoice within 48 hours
  • We hold your space for 10 days
  • Only need a 60% deposit to secure your space
  • Deposits are non-refundable.
  • Must have full payment on the event date

#TAAP6 – Ray Art, Zoe Bu & Art in the AM. Toronto Artists Win Unicorn Awards

Toronto Artists Win Unicorn Awards

Hello, world!

The Unicorn Awards were introduced for #TAAP5 as a way for peers, industry insiders, and the CUTO Creative team to recognize and vote for those who have a positive influence on our creative community.

The categories included best dressed (cosplay is encouraged), best setup, and best live painter.

Click here – to see The Unicorn Awards 2018



All Year Round

The goal is to expand the integration of the Unicorn Awards beyond just the event heading into #TAAP6. We want to award unicorns who interact with us through social media, projects, and through our event.

This year we'll be handing out numerous awards. There will be some returning from the previous events as well as some new ones.

Click here - for more info about #TAAP6


Unicorn of the Month

One of those new awards is Unicorn of the Month.

Unicorn of the Month is based on the interviews we publish on CUTO Marketplace. It is designed to highlight trending artists. Trending on CUTO is based on accumulated volume (Volume = Page views, sales, shares, likes, and comments).


Unicorn of the Month

Below is a list of all our trending artists between June and April 2019.

June – The Passionate Art of Ray



June starts with the Passionate Art of Ray, who has been one of the most visited artists in our marketplace since he was published.

Another popular artist is the bold and vibrant Alex Leon.

The interdimensional art of Cynthia Van Leeuwen rounds off the top 3,

immediately followed by creative directors Helena Una George

and The multidisciplinary art of Gail Braith.

In June,

Creative Entrepreneurs also used resources to

analyze a business opportunity,

how to network online and offline,

and 10 places to submit art


May -- The Intuitive Fluid Abstract Paintings of Tokoroii


The abstract painting journal of Tokoroii had the most volume in May. Zoe Bu identifies as a gender-fluid, pan-romantic demisexual and gives us one of the most insightful interviews in our marketplace.

Raymond Art,

Helen Una George,

and Art in the AM roundup May with the most volume for that month.

In May Unicorns also brushed up on their skills in our articles like:

9 best supply stores,

5 success principals,

5 rehearsal spaces,

social media advice,

and how to create murals in Toronto.


April - Art in the AM wins April


Art in the AM was published last year on August 23rd and has remained a popular artist ever since; she wins her Unicorn Award this year!

April 2019 is rounded up by creative director Helen Una George,

Ray Art,

Cynthia Van Leeuwen,

and Desire Betty who was also published last year.

In April, creative entrepreneurs also read up on

success principles for artists,

supply stores

and rehearsal spaces in Toronto,

social media advice,

and a service provide by Paula Cowan; the 80/20 rule of job searching.


Blog – Three Layers to Ourselves

Insight - The Abyss of Failing Someone

Cold Open

They say love flashes before our eyes when death stares us in the face.

That love is our life, it's an overwhelming amount of information stimulating our brains. It starts as a slow pulse, then hits 60 miles per hour, we enter the highway, then it's 1000s of miles per hour coupled with a roaring brightness; blinding to the eyes and fire to our minds. It's kind of like the time we use to snuggle in the back of our parent’s car, half asleep. Road trip to our next adventure.

Death is the only thing promised to us. Everything ever created must inevitably end, sand must return to glass. We are sand becoming glass, and because that evolution is constant, love is constant.

Because love is constant, our lives flashing before our eyes is constant. A million slides reflecting every second of our lives.

That's my mother.

I can still hear her cry at the thought of losing her son, something I selfishly wish I never experience.

She lost her mind, panicked and hysterical, and this moment in time happens so fast. That’s the crowd of onlookers around us, that’s the moment I gain consciousness. That’s that cough that pushes water out of my lungs. That’s the hand that grabs me out of the water. That’s my reflection, a mirror in the water before I crash through.

I remember getting pushed in a pool as an ending and beginning.

Those set of slides are my mother hugging me out of the cold open.

Three Layers to Ourselves




Somewhere along the way we lost sight of the word: its beauty, its grace, and the freedom it offers from the trappings of living in a material world.

Here is my uncle giving me another 1 hour lecture; it’s about a cup.

He tells me that I need to let go of my angst. He delves deeper and tells me if I’m holding a cup for too long and it becomes too heavy, I am going to let it fall on the floor, broken in a million pieces, water everywhere.

By accepting that we’re wasting time and energy holding a cup up, waiting for our needs to be met, we open ourselves up to solutions, we learn new things because we grew older: it’s wisdom. 

Wisdom, an ongoing process that helps us learn to see the world around us more clearer than before. Next time we choose a lighter cup, maybe fill it halfway up so we can hold it longer, or there, over there a table top. With foresight comes understanding, and though it’s a cup analogy it shows how simple the process of life can be.

Those slides eventually turn from black and white, to color screens, high definition then holograms.


The Power of Choice

We are given free will; all mankind has a right to free will and therefore the right to choose (within limits). We can’t fly (in the material world) but we can choose to react to things or be responsive.

That's what separates humans from wild animals; animals act on instinct, animals can be rabid and those animals can’t (necessarily) be held accountable for their actions. (purrrr)

We are every choice we have made and part of making these choices is by understanding who we are, and by extent what we want, something done through reflection.

One of my favorite comic books of all time is beautifully scripted by Brian Azarello, and his writing is breathtakingly illustrated by on of my favorite artists, Jim Lee.

It made me understand Superman as a person, that he goes through doubt and insecurity.

The comic beautifully illustrates why he has to wear this mask…

Why we all wear masks.


Kal El is a Mother’s Child

The 1st layer to ourselves is Kal El: the person only our parents know.

They were the ones that have known us from birth, they are the (early) architects of our lives. That’s me at the edge of a pool, my reflection staring back at me, surface of the water is a fear barrier, plunging through is the only way to overcome fear.

I am my mother’s child in more than a million ways. Her wisdom set the tone towards an ever-evolving study of self, and though I’m sure there are other key moments in my life, learning to swim was the best way to speak about self reflection.


Clark Kent is our 2nd layer

The 2nd layer is the mask we create to protect our vulnerabilities. In the age of social media we’re increasingly forced to wear many masks for different circles and situation. We can lose ourselves in the shuffle.

The danger of the second layer is the ego, a false sense of self, a self that feeds on the seven deadly sins only to tax us with more self-doubts and insecurity once the dopamine wears off.

In Superman’s story, Lex Luthor represents that side of humanity

Lex figures out who Superman is, though he’s brilliant in his own right, he’s conflicted. Because he can’t see clearly he dismisses the idea, he can't fathom that a person with the power of a god would disguise themselves as a feeble human being.

It takes letting go of the ego, to steps outside oneself and look oneself in the mirror with sober eyes. When we understand we know when to put the cup down.

Lex Luthor represents the half of humanity that doesn't understand, he’s always holding up his cup; his cup is jealousy.

Lois Lane can't see through the disguise; her cup is...

Insight - Hierarchy of Minds

The Third Layer To Ourselves

In Hierarchy of Minds I bring up the 4 mindsets and I would like to elaborate on that to close the third layer. The first 2 mindsets are at the bottom of that hierarchy because they are prisoners of their own minds, a situation all of us go through. But some of us become addicted to it, the victim of circumstance without holding ourselves accountable, we feel society owes us something, it's a slave mentality. The soldier stops complaining about their circumstance, they decide to do something about it, but a soldier will only go so far before they quit.

A step beyond a soldier is the 3rd layer to ourselves, it’s the warrior. A warrior is a soldier who makes the choices to become aligned with their passion. They made the tough choice to jump off the deep end through the fear barrier, because they are willing to die for whatever they are fighting for, what they believe in.


Workshop – Generate Leads on Social Media for Creative Entreprenuers


You end up with a two-page project outline that clearly defines your idea, the story behind it, why a customer should buy it, and the project's objections. It includes a sales funnel that clearly defines how to receive your customers and how to turn followers into buyers. The outline will also include your social media strategy for the big three: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You’d be able to implement this outline right away.

DNA of a business

If I had to build a business infrastructure--no product, just infrastructure--then the business would have two departments: research and development.

Research gathers and interprets the info and, in my opinion, should be 60% of the business.

Development would be made up of three departments, all working in sync to process the info. Those departments are customer service, sales, and advertising. These can also be represented by people who have all three skills.

This structure can be applied to any project and it would remain a viable construct. Something as simple as starting an online business would require you to research the best way to present it, best places to host, and then you have to advertise that business. It's the same idea with a wedding, or something as simple as cooking new recipes for people. When you advertise, you have to receive the potential client and sell them on your product.

Growth Hack Marketing is the sales algorithm you develop to run your business sales and is the most viable way to know if your business is worth your time.

This workshop is designed to teach you

  • How to sell without burning yourself out 
  • Know Thyself (find your passion)
  • How to setup your value proposition
  • Keywords advertising algorithm system (KAASy)
  • How to sell yourself in 30 seconds + objections
  • Reverse engineering social media algorithms (what feeds them?)
  • How to use Facebook and Instagram to sell (without paying)


  • You end up with a two-page project outline that clearly defines your idea, the story behind it, why a customer should buy it, and the project's objections. It includes a sales funnel that clearly defines how to receive your customers and how to turn followers into buyers. The outline will also include your social media strategy for the big three: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. You’d be able to implement this outline right away.

Registration process

Note that all podcast will be taped and may be republished on all CreativeUTO and and affiliate projects

Blog – The Abyss Part 2: Transmuting Fires To Lasers

Blog - The Abyss part 2: Transmuting Fires To Lasers

I lost.

“Gone,” says the little voice in my head.

I’ve been sitting here in the early morning, before the night becomes the darkest and the morning sun paints the sky, fast forwarding and rewinding, asking myself what I did wrong.

My face is screwed up, eyes squinted, I'm blinking in little flickers, but the tears don’t stream.

Those ended as a result of too many Carlton smacks.

Like a street light hunched over in the lonely darkness, I'm looking down at my feet and my train of thought is splitting  like rain drops. The drops are filled with memories and a saxophone provides the soundscape, add drum rolls of thunder and water trickling to an electric rift. It’s a frequency.

There are several fears I contemplate in life. One such fear is to be the villain to my own story, and that’s what I’m trying to figure out in this moment,

“At what point did I become the villain in this story?”

The Abyss of Failing 2: Transmuting Fires to Lasers

Like batteries, we are energy trapped in a body designed to attract, store, and conduct it.  We absorb everything around us whether we want to or not; our brains interpret the energy based on our own knowledge. Consumption goes far beyond the food we eat, it’s the environment we’re in, the media we take in, and the people around us, which sums up the things we think about.

What we think about is a self-fulfilling cycle, our own prophecies: the spells we weave together.

It makes us who we are.

It’s why we are.

Some of us absorb energy at a faster rate than others, and to some of us the overwhelming amount of energy can overcome us and cripple us. Some of us need beds to reset, others need asylums. To most people we are known as introverted, selfish; we have problems, and we have mental health issues. 

As empaths, we have to learn the hard way about absorbing people's energies; I know absorbing the wrong energies (not necessarily negative energy) can lead to negative outcomes when we least expect it to. In my world, where I work hard, I try not to put too much value in material things as I sometimes fear the energies embedded in them.

“To want” can be a distraction, and wanting the wrong things can make us suffer.

But she is my friend.

Insight – The Abyss of Failing Someone

It took me years to learn this.

I've said it before. I wanted reasons to be lifetimes and therefore made my life toxic; I sold myself short because I am toxic. It took years to overwrite and erase that toxic energy and it needed a key called accountability to unlock it.

I made all the choices that got me here!

Overwriting the toxic energy means we need to accept our faults within our story. We need to take heed to what we represented, even if it’s not our fault. When we clear all the stages of grief, we’ll need to find the neural pathways that govern us today and write over them. Doing this costs energy or better yet, it costs MANA.

There have been times I had to meditate for days, shifting through the raindrops, taking the pictures they contain and overwriting them.

And sometimes letting go of one person, one thing, or one happening, means having to let go of 10 others.


I lost.

But she is my friend.

Insight – We Evolve Beyond One Place


Blog – We Made the Potluck Meetup Happen

Insight – We Evolve Beyond One Place

The gauntlet.

The gauntlet is the business and all the intangibles that come with it. The gauntlet is a filter that is rewarding in the same way as working out; it prepares the foundation for all growth.

As a student of the gauntlet, studying the beast is a given. Through my studies I've come to understand that it’s an ongoing recruitment process, and that recruitment process is an ongoing trial by fire. You have to workout to keep up with the daily grind.

Success comes to those who try fast and fail faster, only to re up and learn faster. Cycles such as these are embedded in all existence, minutes turn to hours, hours turn to days. We sleep, we wake, we cycle in order to do everything, even something as simple as tying our shoe laces needs loops.

Creative Unicorns of Toronto use an agile based system to turn ideas into projects that serve the community.

Insight - Who We Are?

Creative Entrepreneurs, Unicorns

Success is 99% planning, 75% course correction, and 1% execution. Most business people have it backward, wasting 99% of their time executing and course correcting a plan that was only 1% of the project. The key to success is knowing that everyone wants to go to heaven, but nobody wants to die.

Success is a filter that only a few get to because it requires so much self-reflection. Often you find yourself (an abstract identity) in a world designed to be linear. The largest component of success is crashing through the fear barrier; an experience we have to go through countless times in life. Every time it’s the same butterflies in our stomach.

This is our journey; we get to stay who we are, maximize our skills and evolve.

On our way through our journey collecting experiences as Unicorns, some of us will evolve before the initial meetup, some of us do so throughout the work process. After this comes the profit, the eventual losses, the downtimes, and the good times when everything looks up. There will be buyouts, celebrations, losses, we will feel down from disappointments, acquisitions mergers, and other evolutions along our journeys.

Insight – 4 Kinds of Mindsets

Right now we made a potluck happen.

Chloe isn't there for the dinner but her spirit is felt through the community.
Her editing and copy writing skills have been key to the evolution of Creative Unicors of Toronto, helping out by crafting the narrative for CUTO and she also edits my writings. 


Chloe Heathers - Research, Development, Editor, Copywriting

Chloe Heathers is an illustrator, writer, and freelance copy editor living in Toronto. She has been a creative collaborator for a wide range of projects including contributing art and content for published anthologies and tabletop role-playing games. She is passionate about ending the stigma against mental illness and promoting diverse representation in art.




Also coming on board as a researcher, developer,
content creator is Karen Swyszcz. Karen will be creating weekly videos that help with business development
She is a Strategy Consultant at Makin' The Bacon with strengths in Photography, Web Design & SEO

Karen Swyszcz Copywriting, Photography, Web Design, SEO and Strategy Consulting

Karen Swyszcz, is the founder and owner of Makinthebacon. It began as a blog in 2012. She has partnered with brands such as Meridian Credit Union,, Camp Tech and Supperworks for influencer marketing campaigns.  In 2017, Makinthebacon evolved into a consulting/auditing/training services company for blogging, WordPress, and social media.

She has facilitated numerous business blogging strategy workshops within the Greater Toronto Area.

Karen Swyszcz Copywriting, Photography, Web Design, SEO and Strategy Consulting

You can connect with her on Facebook || Twitter || LinkedIn  II Instagram



Last but not least comes me,
the business development manager and with out powers combined!
I'm also the founder of Free Minds in Motion - FMiMBranding and Creative Unicorn of Toronto - CreativeUTO


Michael Bole has over 20 years research and development in marketing/sales. Michael has was worked for various companies in either sales, customer service and or advertisement. These include his projects including clothing lines, event management, talent management, as well as organizations such as Apple, Seagate, Honeywell, Air Miles, General Motors, Aimia Marketing, startups and social enterprises  like Center for Social Innovation (as a DECA) Free Geek Toronto. He launched FMiMBranding  in 2009 which focuses on business development from the foundation up  and out of that came CreativeUTO a think tank of creative entrepreneurs where we leverage our skills to helps develop creative unicorns, their ideas, and their projects.

Follow me on Instagram | go to my website | Or follow me on Facebook


Bellow is a list of skills from our collective

  • Concept art, illustration, graphic design, french, networking, Marketing, Business Solutions, Events Management, Workshop Design, Public Speaking, editing, networking, sales, QA, Teaching, Music production, Advertising, Copy editing, copy writing, content creation, illustration, logo design, project management, Focused, organized strategy, marketing, negotiation, entrepreneurship, typography, Training, Mentoring, Profile Writing, Presentations, Business Networking, Branding, Photography, Web Design, SEO, Audio Production & Strategy Consulting, SEO and Strategy Consulting, Class/webinar/workshop creation and facilitation, Basics of SEO, Basics of Google Analytics, Illustration, Design, Art Direction, Curation, Creative Networking, Recruiting, Social Media Advertising, Data Analysis, Surveying, Event Planning
Our services are focused on: 

  • Project Management, research & development
  • Branding, logo design & art direction
  • Social Media marketing, advertisement & SEO 
  • WordPress UX web development and maintenance
  • Copy writing, value proposition & sales funnels
  • Customer service, business development, sales & training 
Are you interested in joining a collaborative community of like-minded individuals? Become a Creative Unicorn to participate in profit sharing projects, events and workshops within the city! Community Memberships start at $30


Online Co-working Space for Artists, Coders, Creators & Developers

CodingUTO - Online Co-working Space for Artists, Coders, Creators & Developers

Coding Unicorns of Toronto is an extension of CreativeUTO an online collaborative space for coders, artists, creators and developers focussed on developing in house, client projects or their own projects.

For more info about CreativeUTO

Weekly meetup 

The next meetup in on Sunday April 28th at 3:30 PM

  • Every week members of the community can log in to Zoom and use the time to collaborate on projects based on the SMARTER system. Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm.

Agenda for the meetup:

  • What is SMARTER? Simplified Methods Achieving Results through Exact Rhythm
  • Creative Unicorns of Toronto memberships
  • looking for WP Coders - Free Minds in Motion - FMiMBranding
  • What are you working on? (do you want to monetize it?)

AGENDA - If you have anything you'd like to present, your idea, project, workshops, service please contact me.

Join our meetup group (free to join) 



Memberships Start at $30 per month,

that gives you access to:

  • Coding Unicorns,
  • Branding Workshops,
  • sell your services,
  • be vendor/presenter at The Annex Art Party, 
  • and profit share on projects you participate on.

For membership options at CUTO Incubator

Moving Forward

  • Ideally we'd like to be open and have events, workshops, projects going at different times
  • To launch we meet weekly Sunday evenings
  • 1nce per month in person time and dates for all meetings set with initial meet groups

Next Steps

Creative Community + Positive Vibes

Fundraiser – Still Looking For Molly: Circling Back to Freesanama

If someone asked me to sum up the hardest part of business I'd say It's the people.

People (which obviously includes me) adds to the abstract of uncertainty and artists are the most abstract people I know. Flow with the winds, summer gust one hour, Spring breeze in the afternoon, a thunder storm at night, and new art when they wake up. 

The hardest part of business is that people come and go, artists come and go, ideas go and eventually time itself fades with the sunset. The abstracts of life can make relationships fickle, and we haven't even talked about our business commitments.

Insight – The Abyss of Falling Someone

In our day to day lives all projects go through phases of development.

Some projects allow phases (sections of a project) to overlap the same way sections of our lives overlap. Some aspects of our pasts come back for us for better or worse but if we plant enough seeds then most will be for the better.

Freesanama was there at the genesis of it all, his work provided me with the tipping point that brought the concept of Creative Unicorns together with Looking for Molly about a mystery about a girl who disappeared leading to her loved ones looking for her.

Looking for Molly

Molly is a drug. It's slang for drugs I explained and that's what your story is, It’s his version of Alice in Wonderland. 

Our next goal was to get the comic launched and that was the crux of my 1st fundraiser, because with enough wealth invested in our community, we’ll be able to live our abstract lives and focus on creating. But that’s not how the force works, the abstract of life struck us and it struck us hard. Nobody responded and as business people, artists and human beings we had every right to go our separate ways.

We agreed that it was better we take the time to grow our networks, grow our brands and touch base once again and here we are, CUTO Fundraiser.

Insight - Help us Open an Incubator Space

The best part about business are people, because the once who come through, make it all worth it.

They remind us what we’re doing this f

More art from Fabrice Sanama


Blog – We Evolve Beyond One Place

“You're a nobody in this business until you've told someone you can't pay them.”

I was next to my executive director Shannon Cummings at the time, working the Free Geek Toronto table, helping to sell the brand at CSI Annex. “We recycle electronic waste and refurbish the computers back into the community at affordable prices.” A lot of people saw Shannon that day, but she stood out to me. She had an epic scarf on, fiery curls--eye of the storm kind of thing. Through the body’s languages in our vicinity I recognized right away that this person was important.

We Evolve Beyond One Place

I had worked on projects, but they all had failed. I remember that summer vividly; I was all caught up in my woes (going through the 6 with my woes just dropped and that was literally my soundtrack for that year.

That's when I met Shannon at the Public Library at the Waterfront.

How did I get here?

What I have learned about life is that the philosophy of the caterpillar is a constant evolution of self. That life goes in circles and the calendar is a recording of those circles. Years break down to months, months turn to weeks, then weeks to days, and eventually life becomes seconds. Seconds are fleeting. By the time we become aware of the seconds, another cycle has already started.

And that's life: a caterpillar in a constant state of turning in to a butterfly. That's what success is. Success, often times will present itself in the form of chaos. Recognizing the chaos before it overwhelms us makes us the eye of the storm.

Insight – The Abyss of Failing Someone

A Poetry Ago

My journey starts back at Central Tech high school when a teacher would tell me to go across the street to the church. She loved my poetry. Happy-go-lucky at the time, I was throwing parties and selling t-shirts in stores; I'd call it SannaJinn Clothing company - Freedom and versatility of the open mind. We were high school kids barely out of middle school, learning business tactics when brick-sized beepers were still cool.

Eventually those projects would fall through, losses were deep, lessons were painful, and I am not even discussing life itself and the heartbreaks it brings in. Eventually I found myself burned out and looking for answers.

Free Geek Toronto in December

Answers came in the form of people; a friend of mine told me I should stop separating the jobs I take on from entrepreneurship and start doing business development for startups. He told me that I have enough sales experiences from having worked on these projects and jobs. A couple of months later I met Shannon, the executive director at Free Geek Toronto at the time.

By October, November I became the business development manager at Free Geek Toronto and by December we were at a show hosted at CSI Annex. It all happened quickly.

Always A Padewan

Some of the most memorable aspects of that job were in the morning meetings where we’d discuss our goals, our day-to-day struggles, her as a lesbian and me as a black man. We’d discuss leadership, business, and then start our day.

Working at Free Geek Toronto was like working the starship enterprise; we were a social enterprise on the frontier of E Waste trying to solve this trillion-dollar problem that’s threatening our planet on multiple fronts. Every day was a new adventure, every day our money was running out and every day we’d wake up and come to work, sometimes 16 hour shifts.

“You're a nobody in this business until you've told your staff you can't pay them”.

 That line was enough to convince me to join CSI because it showed me that Tonya is a human being who’s gone through the gauntlet but stayed strong enough to light up the room.  

Insight - Something Amazing Happened at #TAAP4

Never-Ending Jazz

Jazz, that's what I would call this place if you told me to summarize it down to 1 word.

An ever-changing mosaic of entrepreneurs making up different songs through the day. Every 2 hours the building hits a crescendo and DECAS must mobilize. I usually sit on the 3rd floor when the sun sets, to meditate through my thoughts, my dreams, and my nightmares while I convert the energy into the projects I work on. The next day the sun would set again.

We evolve beyond one place

Shannon alongside a myriad of things came together and made me understand failure; I don't fear failure anymore because that’s what life is: a caterpillar in a constant state of turning in to a butterfly

It made me understand that a plan and foundation are important, but execution is equally important and that failure is part of the game. Sometimes success requires throwing a calculated assumption to gauge how reality will react to it, and then making adjustments.

Business is 75% course correction a constant cycle of molding us into the next version of ourselves, the butterfly. 



Inktober Marathon Gallery – Week 2



Inktober Marathon - Week 2

  • We are publishing our first ever 31-page photobook dedicated to ink art, in time for the holidays. Toronto artists submit up to 5 art pieces, patrons vote for the best ones on CreativeUTO, Facebook, and Instagram. Live voting final results during innovator drinks at CSI Annex.

#CrativeUTO #CUTO Marketplace #Inktober Marathon

How to participate

  • Submit Inktober themed art weekly for free
  • Only 5 submissions per artist allowed
  • We publish it for a week on our fan page
  • All pictures will be credited & linked back to your stores
  • Fans vote for the best pictures of the week
  • Top 10 pictures of the week go to finals
  • Finals will be on October 31st at CSIAnnex Café
  • Industry insiders vote for final 31 live
  • We launch the photobook in time for the holidays
  • Artists selected make royalties on sales, memberships 

Click Here - To submit your art


Day 1 - Poison

Inktober Art by:
Carla Perdomo




Day 2 - Tranquil 

Inktober Art by:
Carla Perdomo




Days 14 through 16 - Clock, Weak and Angular

Inktober Art by:
Kimberley Guilmette





Votes are separated in to 4 categories,

  • 1 heart on IG or like on FB gets 2 point.
  • Vote from industry insider is 7 points
  • Write-in vote in Google form 5 points
  • Instagram comment gets 3 points