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Call For Artists – Build a Profitable Art Business in 6 months. Orientation Starts on July 2nd

Build a Profitable Art Business

Get ongoing business development on Zoom (and eventually in-person) with this 6-month business development program.


Help 300 artists actualize a profitable business system that complements their creative cycle through design thinking approaches, workshops, and ongoing exhibits.

Creating an incubator

After years of researching how artworks, I have come to realize that we are all different, we live differently, we have different business development needs, different advertising needs and different ways of doing things. 

I used the feedback from my research to design the ABLO and SMARTERai operational philosophies that borrow from proven project management principles. This incubation program is designed to accommodate artists and cater to their different business needs.  


However, the Hiscox report notes that online art sales may be benefitting from growth in other e-commerce sectors, as 73% of art buyers said they had bought other products in a similar price range online before buying art online. In 2017, that figure was just 68%. --- Source


Sessions are once per week

  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • The incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person

Click the link below to register



Scroll down for more info



All projects at CreativeUTO go through 4 phases of development. These phases are alpha, beta, launch, operate. ABLO is part of the SMARTER system; both ABLO and SMARTER are based on project management principles and that will help manage the community and the projects involved.  Projects can cycle back to any of the 4 phases in ABLO. One such project is an online collaborative incubator for artists. We’re in the BETA phase of setting up the online incubator. 


BETA phase

We are in the alpha phase of the incubator, looking to gather a community of artists who will get to develop their business side through our workshops; where they will  get proper guidance to prepare a pitch deck for their organization detailing out  their value proposition, target market, sales funnel, and marketing plans.


While online art market growth may be plodding, one key trend has emerged: Big spenders—defined by Hiscox as collectors who spend more than $100,000 per year on art—are increasingly comfortable browsing and buying art online. The report notes that these big spenders are the most frequent visitors to online sales platforms, with 50% of them visiting multiple times per week—a big jump from the previous year, when just 38% of big spenders made multiple virtual trips per week to online art vendors. And those increasingly frequent visits are translating to more transactions—47% of big spenders said they bought art online in the last 12 months, up from 30% in the 2018 report. - Source

In house currency

Community members who earn MANA (our in house currency, built into your account on our website) can use it to trade for resources, cash out, or trade-in for a license to host workshops or their own projects.  


In house workshops include:

  •       SMARTER Collaboration
  •       The Art of the Sale
  •       Know Thyself
  •       Business Model Canvas 2020
  •       WordPress Website Workshop
  •       Get up to $7,000 in funding through Access


You walk away with knowledge on how to operate a profitable business system that fits your day to-day creative process

This includes: 

  • The freedom to fail and succeed
  • Free-flowing design thinking classes
  • Showcase your art at our upcoming exhibits
  • How to set up and operate your WordPress Website
  • Keyword research 
  • Get your pages on Google
  • Social media strategy
  • A Business Model Canvass to create a Pitch Deck
  • Sales funnel content & marketing strategy
  • A fully functional  website
  • Work on projects, or workshops in the community
  • Create a tribe and collaborate on projects together


  • Access to a community of artists
  • Access to events, programs, and workshops

Long term goals

  • Helps us create resources to help with homelessness, isolation and mental illness in our community
  • Build an ecosystem of 300 artists
  • Help us build the Artists and Social Innovation Expo. A 7 day 300 annual artist art installation.

Registration process 

  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • Incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person


Click the link below to register


Sessions are weekdays between

Design thinking classes targets everyone on the bell curve

  • 1 till 3 pm
  • 5 till 8 pm
  • 8 till 11 open house 




Podcast – The Visually Striking Art of Jose Cifuentes

This episode of the CUTO podcast will serve as a time capsule. It was recorded in mid-April as the Pandemic started, before the situation escalated, before the protests and the riots. 

Insight - Where Do We Go From Here?

Everything was up in the air (no pun intended) back in April. We were getting acclimated to the lockdown and the podcast was new. Since April, the podcast has become a staple of CreativeUTO with multiple artists bringing their own flavour to the conversation. 

Insight - 5 Trending Artists of Toronto

Jose Cifuentes' art is visually striking. It's intense. I remember scrolling through Instagram and his art stopped me. Jose was forced to leave his whole life, including his business, behind when he immigrated from Medellin to Toronto. 

He tells us that he is using this time in quarantine to reflect and meditate and is currently working on a piece to honour his best friend, a nurse working the frontlines. We also trade music pics, talk about basic income for artists, and the concept of power. 


Podcast - The Visually Striking Art of Jose Cifuentes

Check out Jose Cifuentes' work on his website


Follow him on Instagram


Podcast – George Floyd Where Do We Go From Here? Toronto Artists Discuss

Will the world ever get back to normal? 

What is normal anyway? 

We repeat the same mistakes over and over again. We tolerate a lot of wrongs, turn a blind eye to many things. We want to live comfort and peace so we sweep these things under the rug. 

I think in the past few months we have been tested at an unprecedented scale, one crisis crescendoing into another. We're all coping with the fallout from the pandemic in different ways; these protests and riots are a reflection of a world that’s fed up.   

In this special episode of CUTO podcast, we discuss racism and the aftermath of George Floyd, compounded by the insanity of COVID 19. We discuss how we got here and how it is impacting society.

Where do we go from here? 

In this discussion, we touch on the people responsible, the economy, racism, the pros and cons of socialism, dictatorships, we try to make sense of it all. 

As a black man, there is obviously emotional weight added to these discussions. I understand I have to change the system from within but a part of me wants to go out there and riot.

This conversation, alongside others, allowed me to put my thoughts together in the blog below. 

Insight - The Babylon System Part 1: George Floyd

The discussion, below, happened at the height of the George Floyd riot as we started our weekly creative meetup.  This creative meetup is a gathering of CUTO artists who come together to collaborate on installations and exhibits. It is exclusive to artists who have participated in CUTO projects this year. 

The purpose is to collaborate on art installations and exhibits. We’re working to launch the next event in August. 

Make sure to go to our YouTube channel for timestamps

Podcast - George Floyd Where Do We Go From Here? Toronto Artists Discuss


Follow the participating artists 

in order of appearance

Adele Steinberg


Nicole Little


More content featuring Nicole

Michael Bole


Maggie Chang


George Floyd by Toronto Artist Mo Salihou

The Babylon System Part 1: George Floyd

Upside Down Pyramid 1.5

There are many narratives woven into my previous blog Upside Down Pyramid (UDP). In today’s blog, I’d like to analyze the hero’s journey in UDP.

The protagonist’s story was about finding growth by letting go. How do we define letting go? We stop allowing ourselves to be controlled by chaotic distractions. Distractions often come in shiny packaging and everyone knows that shiny packages in the grocery store weigh us down.  When we ascend past our fears to a higher purpose, beyond a physical world that needs us to consume, beyond the seven deadly sins that lure us, corrupt us, and cloud our judgment, we transcend from the physical world into a metaphysical world. 


The Spiritual World.

The journey (blog) starts in our protagonist’s room. This is the dream state where the spiritual world meets the physical. Tempted by his dreams of Jessica Rabbit, he reaches past the dream state and taps into a collective, into human consciousness, the bigger picture.

In the spiritual world, we are beyond the seven deadly sins that govern us. We are beyond the flesh, beyond ourselves. Lust has governed this journey thus far, but he is not alone. We all have our own inner demons, our own dragons. For this protagonist, the dragon approached him in the form of Jessica Rabbit. 


The Seven Deadly Sins.  

The same things that have brought us to the edge of individual human consciousness no longer apply. Slaying our own dragons is the way we learn to let go and ascend. Beyond human consciousness, we ascend to universal consciousness. We are the universe articulating itself.  We have made god in our own image. In life, one can be a billionaire without ever ascending past the dream state; true poverty.

For centuries we have had many spiritually impoverished people making bad decisions, consistently keeping the masses poor, conditioning us to fight for scraps.

Insight – Upside Down Pyramid (part 1)


The Death of George Floyd 

The second part of UDP  is the physical representation of ascension: slave soldier warrior crown. 

In the physical world, the slave complains about the enslaved environment. The slave is often a victim of their own mind. The slave complains about society but doesn’t do anything about it. They find excuses, that’s true mental health. Once the slave can see beyond the mental limitation imposed on them, they start to see past the trees, they understand the forest, they transcend. 

In many cases, all it takes is a spark. 


The Soldier Fights. 

They have something to fight for but a soldier only goes so far. The warrior is willing to die for the things they believe in. They inspire a following and that following crowns them a leader, the authority.

The crown understands its power comes from service. Being of service to the community that entrusted them, but what if the crown fails us?


What if the system is broken? 

The system has been bought and paid for by those who can’t transcend past the dream state. The fear of loss won’t let them. They have been doing this for centuries. We now live in an irreversible pandora’s box.

George Floyd represents more than a black man dying. He is a representation of a broken system. Centuries of oppression choking the life out of us. The image triggered many people outside our own culture and is uniting both left and right against the system. A testament to those who died for our freedoms but we still have a long way to go.

I hope there are many warriors out there who will die for their cause. 

The Babylon System (part 1) 

A friend of mine once asked me, “What happened?”

That question dropped out of the blue.

He pointed at my hair, and said, ‘you used to always be clean-cut but now you’re dreadlocked.

I explained that it does not matter.

We can conform to this system and follow the rules they want us to live by, but in the end, it doesn't matter. Racists are still going to be racist and they will get away with murder. 

All of us are targets.

Our parents will have to sit us down and prepare us for a reality in which we could get shot for just existing.  This is one of the reasons why I call it the Babylon System, It's a prison not just in the physical world.


The Red Dragon

If our parents don’t do it, we’ll see it on social media.

Either way, we get trapped.

Mental slavery in the land of the free, designed to keep us poor, making us live with fear and anxiety from birth. Fear burns a lot of energy. That's a representation of the red dragon in the Upside Down Pyramid. The dragon is something that weighs us down.

It opens us up to bitterness and resentment and that energy burns us out faster. 

It’s a prison in its own right because on a physical plane it opens us up to becoming sick faster. We experience mental health problems limiting our potential.

It’s mental slavery. Disconnecting us from universal consciousness.

It doesn't matter how well-spoken we are, how much money we make, the education, accolades we have; in the end, our black skin will always be the precursor that dictates our stories. 

The media loves to pound that into culture for sensationalism’s sake, so they can get clicks. The poison gets ingrained into human consciousness and it’s built into the very fabric that governs us subconsciously, pitting the rules against us.



Regardless of our accomplishments, there will always be resentful people, and by extension, racist people. There are ignorant people who don’t know any better, but then there are those who are just terrible people, they can’t let it go. 

It’s no longer a choice, it's a mental health problem for them, it’s their red dragon, it’s their poison but it doesn’t have to be mine. 

Growing my hair is about us, it’s about representing the culture and showing how beautiful we are without continuing the cycle of oppression. By being ambassadors to those who are curious and that’s how we’ll defeat the real enemy.

The Babylon System (Part1)

  • A very special thanks to Toronto artist Mo Salihou who's painting of George Floyd triggered this blog

Connect with artist Mo Salihou


Instagram  : Moses_salihou

Facebook: Mo Salihou

Creative Unicorns

  • Thank you, Jessica Singh and Susan J Wellisch who do an amazing job of editing my work




Podcast – The Artist Journey with Melanie Erin

The Artist Journey with Melanie Erin

Every interview has introduced a benchmark and this one is no different. Some context: CreativeUTO is about three years old and today we interview Melanie Erin, an artist who has been with us from the very beginning. 

When we started The Annex Art Party, Melanie was our first musician and I wanted an acoustic performance. She was accompanied by her mother and the combination of voice and Ukulele set the mood, a laid back rootsy vibe, that created a beautiful ambiance in the space.

We liked it so much, we used her music in one of our early ads.


Building Creative Unicorns has been a journey, a grind with lots of growing pains, amazing gains, and everlasting relationships. Melanie Erin is an artist who, while being part of our community, has gone on a journey of her own. 

The Artist’s Journey,

We are constantly evolving. Like caterpillars in a perpetual cycle of metamorphosis, we grow and change and in her case I can sense that growth

Many artists experience something akin to the hero’s journey. Melanie explains that she had to break out of her shell and answer a calling. She left the comfort of her home, left a job, and trekked south to Los Angeles where she got into busking, a culture she found enriching for her soul. But she also tells us how it affected her relationship with her mother, a pain I’m sure many artists can relate to.

Insight - We Evolve Beyond One Place

The best part about Melanie’s story is that she hasn’t stopped growing. She just picked up the guitar, a natural evolution from the Ukulele, and soon she'll find the strength in her voice and become a powerful singing unicorn.

In our conversation, we explore the roads she’s travelled, what she learned along the way, the pros and cons of socialism, overcoming bullying and her vision for the future.


Podcast - The Artist Journey with Melanin Erin

Live - Melanie Erin Performs for the Video Exhibit

Subscribe to her YouTube channel below


5 Trending Artists of Toronto in May 2020

We are bringing back Trending Artists of Toronto.




Introducing Volume: Our In-House Currency


At CreativeUTO we want to build a vibrant community where artists can collaborate freely. One way to facilitate this is to create our own in-house currency, so that artists can gain compensation when they work on eachothers’ projects or participate in the community. Volume is awarded based on activity. It can be used to trade or barter for goods and services. 

Community members can use the Volume to cash out.

Think of CreativeUTO like a role-playing game, but instead you earn Volume for engaging and being a productive member of the tribe. We design where we want to award Volume and how much it returns. The value of this currency is determined by the amount of money there is to go around. Volume will help artists collaborate on each other’s projects without having to worry about getting paid.

The artist with the most Volume

Volume is still in the alpha phase of development and is being rolled out carefully. In the future we'll incorporate the currency in more public ways. Eventually the ecosystem will include our extended community (our followers) and art stores. For now Volume is awarded based on the artist with the most activity on their CreativeUTO podcast page over the previous 60 days.


Our first recipient is Char G.


Listen to her podast below and make sure to subscribe for daily art




Char G was the 3rd artist I interviewed since launching this project, as a matter of fact, she was the 3rd artist I interviewed that day. I realized by this 3rd interview that I wasn’t going to compile the interviews. That each artist was contributing enough to merit a whole week of shine, like a featured artist. In Char G’s interview we discussed Feminism, body and sexy positivity, street art, and her dog. If she was a Featured Artist in April then she is the Covered Artist now.


Shop her art on CreativeUTO


Follow her on Instagram 

Go to her website


Also trending this month is contemporary artist Nicole Little. 


Nicole is an amazing addition to our podcast. Her episode was over 2 hours, but that didn't stop it from being one of our most popular videos on YouTube in terms of views and retention. Since we published her podcast Nicole has joined CreativeUTO, has helped me host the 2nd Video Exhibit and we’ve continued to evolve the concept. 

Stay tuned to see what we have in store. 

For more art from Nicole Little go to our shop


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The 1st podcast interview we published featured Kamil Swiatek. 


We discussed spirituality and art, a conversation that has reverberated through the other interviews with artists building on it.  In Kamil’s interview he answers questions about his incubator. We discussed bullying and how he escaped it through spirituality, as well as the value of getting into the flow state. 

Great interview Kamil

Shop Kamil's art on CreativeUTO

Go to his Instagram

Go to his website


SofiL’s podcast was published Tuesday (May 26th). 


Her video had the fastest launch for all podcasts on our YouTube channel. All artists' videos get shared to 100s of Facebook groups and it takes about 1 day to publish in about 30 groups. SofiL’s sample video got to 1,000 views within 2 days, whereas most ads got there by the 3rd or 4th day. This is a testament to the community growing, each artist paving the way for others to succeed faster, making it easier to earn exposure and, by extension, currency. 

In Sofil’s case, her interview also highlighted other acrylic artists who have been featured on CreativeUTO’s marketplace.

Shop SofiL's art on CreativeUTO


For more info about Hong Kong-born Canadian Visual Artist SofiL

go to 


Go to her Instagram


Follow her on Twitter



The Universe articulates itself featuring The Art Hippo himself, Navneet. 


The Universe articulates itself! I believe the 1st time I mentioned this, or alluded to it, was in Kamil Swiatek's interview, however it became the main theme with Navneet because it encapsulates his artistic style. Like all the interviews, I had a great time with Navneet. It sounds cliche, but I understand when a parent can’t choose a favorite child. I don't have a favorite interview because they all contributed to the community in their own way. 



Shop – Toronto Based Artist The Art Hippo


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I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun making them.


Walnut Studios & Gentrification in Toronto

Podcast – SofiL, Walnut Studios & Gentrification in Toronto

SofiL, Walnut Studios & Gentrification in Toronto

There are several topics that keep coming up in CUTO Podcasts. We often find ourselves talking about gentrification and the way it affects us.

Gentrification is one of those beasts looming over everyone in Toronto, our rent affected seemingly every day, pricing us out of the city.

How quickly the sand slips beneath our feet; Toronto’s business and architectural landscape is giving way to a culture of foreign investors and local developers commodifying the places we live and work and removing the places and spaces that make the city charming.


Towards the 40 minute mark,

SofiL discusses the importance of artist’s communities, studios where artists can create and congregate. She talks about Walnut studio, and how it provided a community for her until a fire took it away.

Escalating property values create more opportunity for investors, which means more condos, more Starbucks, and more Shoppers Drug Marts. Ironically, this pushes out the artists that make Toronto a city worth investing in.

Aside from gentrification, in this dope and upbeat interview (it's not all doom and gloom) we get to know more about SofiL and see her layered works of art, drawn from memory. We discuss the pros and cons of working from home, going to New York, traveling all 50 states, managing your mailing list and we talk about Patreon.


Podcast - SofiL, Walnut Studios & Gentrification in Toronto

Shop SofiL's art on CreativeUTO


For more info about Hong Kong-born Canadian Visual Artist SofiL

go to 


Go to her Instagram


Follow her on Twitter


Podcast – The Universe Articulates Itself ft The Art Hippo

The Art Hippo

Art is the soul of the community,

We are the universe articulating itself. Art can be seen in everything around us, from the spiritual plane right through the physical world. It’s the way we are, the way we talk or say nothing, the style representing us right down to the aesthetics of our phones.

Art, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

My interpretation of art, or the world around us can be explained with the concept of a Rubik’s Cube. A Rubik’s Cube that is in perpetual motion, trying to solve itself. We all interpret the Cube based on what we can see.

Our role around this cube is to articulate what we see, that makes us paintbrushes, artists in our own right. We shouldn’t be afraid to express ourselves, fail, re-discover, create and evolve the world around us.  

That’s the message I got from speaking with Navneet.

Navneet is a family man who works for CIBC as a project manager. 

When he isn’t doing that he works as an artist. He has been making art for over 10 years now.  Navneet tells us that he just walked into a paint store one day, bought art supplies and started painting, He says his art is about vibrant colours, action, movement. The universe and the spiritual are a huge part of his creations.

Through this interview we talk about artists and messy studios, merchandising strategies, monetization, art exhibits, collaborative art projects we want to work on and spirituality.


Shop – Toronto Based Artist The Art Hippo


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Call to Artists – The 2nd Video Exhibit is on Friday May 15th

Creation Events

  • After #TAAP6 we decided to move away from tabled events and added an emphasis on 1 keyword, intimacy.
  • Artists will use one of 4 foundations (including Creation, Installation, Performance, and or Exhibition) to animate an immersive event. Telling a fairy tale that takes advantage of social media, participating spaces, and the event itself. 

Artists of Toronto

  • C19 has changed our plans to host monthly exhibits and an ongoing incubator at Gallery 1017 but it hasn't altered our initiative to build and promote a creative community of entrepreneurs. Artists of Toronto continue where the Melanin Exhibit left off and this time the platform will be Zoom. #AoT is an online exhibit where artists get to rant, promote their work, talent or service.

  • The exhibit gets broadcasted live on our website and Youtube channel (subscribe to our channel)

Artists click below to register


About the 1st Video Exhibit

The 1st video exhibit was amazing and we plan to take what we learned to expand on it.

The CreativeUTO website had double the traffic (compared to the previous day), the official promotional video was the fastest to 100 views (our channel is still very young) and our room got about 22 guests at its peak. Our 1st video exhibit featuring over 4 hours of art, dance, music, performances, and showcases. 

I want to thank everyone who came out to view the show. Jade Elektra for hosting Eman for a mesmerizing performance, Bobby Kumar for his amazing music and transcending art, Anna Cyan for live painting, SofiL for showing her studio, Maggie Chang for performing Feminist Killjoy and Navneet for the insightful artwork and conversations. 

Catta Lyst you are a warrior. 

Special thanks to Nicole Little for creating these wonderful artworks, and Char G for her generous support

Call to Artists

  • We discuss ABLO and SMARTER starting at 7 pm
  • The full event schedule will be made available on May 11th
  • It's free to participate in the video exhibit

Click here to register


Artists of Toronto: 1st Video Exhibit Hosted by Jade Elektra + Participating Artists

Road to #TAAP7

  • Join us on our journey to create content with the art community through intimate exhibits that make you feel like you’re in the comfort of your living room while interacting with artists and their art.


Creation Events

  • After #TAAP6 we decided to move away from tabled events and added an emphasis on 1 keyword, intimacy.
  • Artists will use one of 4 foundations (including Creation, Installation, Performance and or Exhibition) to animate an immersive event. Telling a fairy tale that takes advantage of social media, participating spaces and the event itself. 


Artists of Toronto: 1st Video Exhibit on Monday 4.20. Starts at 7:pm with a networking event



Artists of Toronto!
Hosted by The Legendary Jade Elektra
A Toronto-based Queer African-American Drag Entertainer, Recording Artist/Live Singer, Film/Stage/Television Actor and HIV+ AIDS Activist originally from Tampa, Florida via New York City.
Her legendary underground club tracks “Bitch You Look Fierce”, “Why Are You Gaggin’?”, “What-Evah!” are “How Do I Look?” are considered classic examples of the Ballroom/Cunty Beats/Bitch Tracks sub-genre of late 1990s/early 2000’s NYC House Music. In 2019 with the collaboration with DJ/Producer Erik Elias, Jade Elektra released thirteen singles all at once. But most importantly in 2019, Jade Elektra became an internet sensation when she performed a parody of Nat King Cole's "Unforgettable" as "Undetectable" for Toronto's AIDS Vigil. The single and remixes are due out later this year.
She is presently signed with the record label: iUnderground (New York), but also has product available on 2nd Level (New York), Progressive High (New York), Rough Luxury (New York), Filthy Bitch (London), Posse Up (Vancouver), Sound Groove (New York) and others.
For More Information, please contact Jade Elektra at DJRelentlessToronto@gmail.com


Featuring an Award-Winning Acrobatic Performance by Eman


Eman is an award-winning performer and full-time aerial hoop and pole-sport instructor. She is the co-founder at CirQular Motion, a rehab and conditioning space based in Toronto dedicated to professional circus performers and dancers. She is also a resident performer for Ink Entertainment, Lavelle and Le Brunch, and offers circus aerial and acrobatic pole performances. Specializing in aerial hoop, lollipop Lyra, pole, flying pole and straps, she regularly performs concerts, club venues, festivals, weddings, corporate, pre-wedding events, and much more. Most recently performing as one of Snoop Dogg's backup dancer across Ontario and for brands such as LG, and Samsung.





Belly Dancing Sequence by Melanie


International performer and owner of MM Entertainment providing lively cultural performances across the GTA for private and corporate events. Working with local talent and artist to build their careers.




Alongside her bandmates, Shanty has performed at many events and venues all throughout the T-dot, such as the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario), The Carlu for a show sponsored by Western Union, The Globus Theatre (Bobcaygeon), Atria (Oshawa) and the heart of the city, Nathan Phillips Square, just to name a few.

She takes pride in giving her audience her all and strives to connect, spread wisdom, inspiration, and create an uplifting feeling through her music.



Her influences run the gamut of excellence.  


Nina Simone, Jill Scott,  Alanis Morisette, Tracy Chapman, India Arie, Ella Fitzgerald, Sade, Erykah Badu, Leela James, Beres Hammond, Billie Holiday, Phyllis Dillon, Lauryn Hill and many more.


Social Media

Instagram: Shantysweetsmusic



An awesome spoken word sequence by Luca Muah


I’m a Rapper, Singer,Songwriter and fashion designer who utilized his platform to assist unprivileged children earn an education and proper health care services



Check out his video below







Poetry by Writer and Photographer Maggie Chang


Maggie is a poet, writer and photographer based in Toronto, currently completing her Bachelor of Environmental Studies at the University of Waterloo. Having loved reading all her life, she started writing fiction when she was twelve, and she branched out to poetry, primarily spoken word, as a teen. At the same time, appreciation for the beauty in the world led to an interest in photography. Her work focuses on environmentalism, intersectional feminism, and identity – particularly the joys and sorrows of being Chinese-Canadian. She has performed at Stories of Ours, and Living Hyphen’s Birthday, and the Women’s Center Feminist Poetry Showcase, her work has also appeared in The University of Waterloo’s HeForshe Anthology Allies.






Showcase from Featured Artists Char GS


Char is a Canadian graffiti and street artist who has been creating and deploying pieces for over 10 years. She honed her style over several years in Windsor ON and has recently relocated to Toronto, after having been invited to create public art pieces across the US, Australia, and most recently Hamburg and Berlin.

Aside from major public pieces, her aesthetic remains grounded in bombs and hand styles. More complex installations typically feature a cast of strong, empowered and sex-positive female character figures. These figures have become a trademark of her aesthetic and approach.

Her characters are an expression of a feminist stance and a call for female visibility within what is still a significantly male-dominated graffiti art culture. Her goal is to support and nurture the growing diversity of voices within the graffiti and street art form.

She has been a member of several internationally recognized crews, but is currently working solo with the goal of further developing her individual voice and approach. Nonetheless, when making art she can almost always be seen with her rescue dog in tow.




View her featured interview on CUTO Podcast





Showcase from Featured Artist Nicole Little


I am an Armenian artist, based in Toronto, Canada.

My work has strong drawing components and centres on themes of finding value in discarded objects and people.




View Nicole Little's featured interview on CUTO Podcast



Artwork + music by Bobby Kumar

A multidisciplinary artist from Brampton, Ontario, Bipin Kumar uses many forms of the arts to bring focus to mental health issues.








Showcase by The Art Hippo

(Navneet Nishant) is a self-taught, Toronto based artist. His art style is abstraction through patterns, repetition and bright colors. His artworks fueled by self-discovery, are heavily influenced by the theory of meaning, theory of knowledge and existentialism. His Art career started in India, where he lived in a small town. There is an inherent oriental understanding of self exhibited in his early works either through subject matter or through the colors. He moved to Canada in 2015, accruing a massive change of social, professional, economic and individual context in his life. Moving form a small town to a big city, starting out again as a student just months after getting married, gaining a deeper understanding of human psyche, changing his career to a transformation consultant, all of these have effected his art in a way where philosophy of mind and its proverbial abstraction with daily life is a visible vocal theme in his recent works. Breaking down of mental constructs to create an abstraction, his art makes one question 'the meaning' in its own way, helping people find a deeper connection with themselves and in finding a meaning in life His works have been exhibited in India as well as in Canada and at this stage of his career his ambition is to help more people pursue and find meaning in their lives through his works and establish an international presence.



Look out for an Awesome Interview with Art Hippo on CUTO Podcast


Showcase by Hong Kong-born artist SofiL

SofiL is a Hong Kong-born Canadian visual artist based in Toronto. She received her Master of Fine Arts from New York Studio School and Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University. SofiL has exhibited across Canada, the United States, and England. Her work is in several private collections in Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong. She is a recipient of the LCU Housing Grant, and numerous scholarships and awards, such as the Concordia Scholarship and the Association of Christian Schools International Fine Arts Festival Awards.


Sofil is also a Featured Artist on the Podcast. Her interview will be published soon


Anna Cyan is also a Featured Artist.


She will be Live Painting


Anna Cyan is a contemporary realist artist. She has traversed a vast terrain of formal and private art education, from Toronto to Los Angeles and New York.

This quest has been in the service of depicting the human form. But realism is not an end in itself. It is a rich storytelling language, capable of showing the movements of the human soul. For Cyan, paint tells the truth of lived experience, in all its frailty and beauty.

Cyan has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Toronto. Her work also hangs in private collections in Canada, USA and Ukraine.


Portfolio site: http://seecyan.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cyan.channel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annacyanstudio/


Anna Cyan will also appear on CUTO Podcast.


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Masterful paintings by Blaine White

I have for many years been interested in and have studied the painting techniques of the old masters. I use this style as a starting point to explore compositions which are not straight imitations of older styles but incorporate contemporary elements. I have used images of statues and architecture and incorporated them into a modern setting. I deliberately chose to do realism over abstract art because I feel I can communicate ideas in a more specific way. I have also depicted historical figures; some of the prime ministers of Canada, politicians, and other personalities.




Artwork about love by artist Amanjoat Gill

All my artwork is about love be it in sexual nature or just admiring the individual. They are all either photography then digital or painting then digital. I sell my artwork starting at $30 and can go up to $150 if wanted on canvas. All the artwork I have shown was made in the last 3 months.






Showcase by Pakistani-Canadian Visual Artist Iman Bhatti


Bhatti is a Pakistani-Canadian Visual Artist and Curator. Her practice explores themes of identity, gender roles, orientalism, and resistance to emphasize the ways in which exposure to images and representations shape perception. Bhatti is currently pursuing the final year of her MFA in Criticism and Curatorial Practice at OCAD University, from where she also holds a BFA in Drawing and Painting. She is the recipient of the Mrs. W. O. Forsyth Award for Painting and the 2017 CEAD Career Launcher fund. Her works have been exhibited at Daniel Spectrum, Artscape Youngplace and John B. Aird gallery, Mercedez Benz Financial Services.





Showcase by Fine Artist Stefano Bove


is a Toronto based Fine Artist with a background from both Sheridan College and York University. With a focus in acrylic paint, his body of work explores the beauty of our planet and the cosmos with colourful abstract work.



Instagram @stefanobove_art
Facebook @artbystefanobove



Multi-Media Artist Designer Jordan Sparks


Jordan Sparks is a Multimedia Artist, Designer, Technician, and Educator from Toronto. Sparks specializes in Video Production, Graphic Art, Game Design, Photography, and several other fields. He also is a known Educator that has taught over 5000 people across Ontario at several institutions. He is currently a Makerspace Technician at the Royal Ontario Museum. Sparks uses his artistic practice to explore how media can entertain and spark social change.




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