Beyond the Veil by Désiré Betty at the Freedom Factory. Thursday Sept 26th

Beyond the Veil by Betty Desiree at the Freedom Factory

Artist Désiré Betty has long explored the spiritual serenity that manifests itself through her artistic expression she calls ‘Perpetual Freedom Art’. Her passion for the arts, led her to pursue a career in Architecture; broadening her quest for constant creativity from the canvas to the built environment. Although content in her profession, there is nothing more fulfilling than creating art. In 2009, she vowed to complement her architecturally based career with her artistic pursuits in the art world. Désiré has since exhibited in several solo and group art shows, completed murals in the Greater Toronto Area, appeared in publications and sold pieces to art enthusiasts around the world. Her compositions are focused mainly on figurative and portraiture art with complimentary abstract pieces. Désiré explores the use of various mediums, such as acrylic ink, watercolor and mixed media. Her work transcends borders, as there is an elegant juxtaposition between rigidity and fluidity. With her Architectural background, she has a knack for extremely fine detail, varying line weights and precision, all while maintaining a dreamlike state of fluidity in the brush strokes; melding shapes and colours.


Beyond the Veil

A thin veil exists between the dimensions of this consciousness, in which the departed and the living share the dichotomy of space in spirit, although fundamentally unperceived. Loss is traumatic in every sense of the word, but it is inevitably experienced by everyone in this lifetime. By accepting that spirits can never die or be tarnished, there is a sense of comfort in knowing that your loss is never truly lost. In actuality, we are but souls living a human experience, as souls are eternal and our bodies are mere vessels. Duality is constant and ever-present, captured in the aphorism: as above, so below. Everything is based on dualism, from the sun and the moon, female and male, good and evil as well as day and night, to name a few. We are susceptible to the spirit world, as our souls, new or old, have the ability to tap into their originating realm and reacquaint themselves with it upon completion of this life’s cycle.

It is important to appreciate the cosmic evolution of ourselves within this vast universe, with so many unanswered questions that only time can tell, for time has its own time. Art is everywhere; life is an art to be manifested or vanish into the void. It is on the hills of manifestation that I stand to create my art, alongside the creativity derived from a space beyond consciousness. This collection emphasizes the duality of form, its ubiquitous spirits and our avoidance of the consciously unknown world beyond the veil.


Beyond The Veil Solo Art Show

  • Show runs from September 26-October 2, 2019
  • Opening Reception: Thursday, September 26, 2019 from 7pm-11pm
  • No cover, complimentary hor d'oueuvres and cash bar

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