Blog – The Abyss of Failing Someone

Blog – The Abyss of Failing Someone

What is nothing?

Is it zero?

Does nothing start beyond zero and gets acknowledged at minus one?

Or is nothing just a void, and there is nothing inside?

Does nothing, have mass?

Does it end?

Am I nothing?

A million thoughts bear a million other questions in a life where we have to go through a million pains just to make a dollar.

I should get coffee.

As my eyes peer deep inside a black liquid pool of nothing, just my reflection staring back at me, puzzled look, I ask myself, am I nothing?

There is nothing worse than failing the people around you; usually failings are a product of bad timing, like he said she said, we didn't hear what was really said, and now we're here at opposite sides of the table, wondering how we got here.

How did we even think to connect with this person? Last week we were talking about our innermost desires, how much this opportunity means to us, and now there is nothing.

Accountability is strong in my books; I'm quick to acknowledge mistakes. I understand the march towards success is 75% course correction, and corrections must be done swiftly or pay with loss. Sometimes things... or people fall through the cracks and we find ourselves staring that person in the face at the opposite end of the table.

We blinked and here we are, a fallout.

Sometimes the things we go through make us interpret our faults as those of others, often missing the point of holding ourselves accountable when we frame people based on our own short comings.

A mirror projecting the things we don’t want to deal with.

So many emotions can run through our minds at any given moment. In this given moment, am I to be loyal to this person and their needs, the mission (the "real" reason we got into this for?) or am I loyal to myself? Do I do nothing?

Business is 75% course correction.

I guess much of that applies to life too, especially when your life is business and there are times when we are too late to see the threads of life that need corrections, and we hit a point of no return.

What is nothing? Is it the same nothing we use when we say there is nothing we can say to correct this thread and that going separate ways is the best thing to do? Are we lying to ourselves?

Often, the reason we're here is because we let someone down too many times, but is what that person asking unreasonable? So many thoughts and you have to sit there commit to nothing. Come up with something to talk all this uncertainty into nothing. That's how success works I tell myself, it tests us to see if we are worthy of it and places us in front of the people we need.. We tell ourselves, “After all, we're asking the universe and it doesn’t just give for nothing”.

It can be hard to let go and turn this something we had created into nothing and that’s the hardest part of doing business, the hardest part of life, everything we ever created, no matter how well intended, will end.

A friend of mine told me that I have to accept that people come for a reason, or a season or a lifetime.

I think that people gift all 3. Deep inside a coffee cup, these moments define…


Written by Michael Bole - Business Development at