Blog – Hierarchy of Minds: 4 kinds of Mindsets

Hierarchy of Minds: 4 kinds of Mindsets

The slave mind is a victim of circumstance; life beat them down and now they are trapped. Not trapped inside a physical space, but their own mental state.


The second type of person is beyond the victim.

This is the soldier: the soldier has something to fight for, but deep down that “slave” voice didn’t die. There is still doubt and fear in a soldier’s eyes, and someone with a soldier mindset will only go so far before they quit.


There is a thin line a soldier can cross over and find a burning desire

Think of the people who inspire us, the champions we follow, people who push us to be the best versions of ourselves. It doesn’t have to be big name, this person can be our mother.


The warrior.

A warrior is a soldier who is in alignment with their passion. They have found the burning desire to pursue it. You can feel their gravity; they have a fire that seduces us and inspires us to be better versions of ourselves, they can define generations, and evolve cultures.


The leader

Once the warrior gains a following, that following crowns them the leader


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