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Insight - The Abyss of Failing Someone

Cold Open

They say love flashes before our eyes when death stares us in the face.

That love is our life, it's an overwhelming amount of information stimulating our brains. It starts as a slow pulse, then hits 60 miles per hour, we enter the highway, then it's 1000s of miles per hour coupled with a roaring brightness; blinding to the eyes and fire to our minds. It's kind of like the time we use to snuggle in the back of our parent’s car, half asleep. Road trip to our next adventure.

Death is the only thing promised to us. Everything ever created must inevitably end, sand must return to glass. We are sand becoming glass, and because that evolution is constant, love is constant.

Because love is constant, our lives flashing before our eyes is constant. A million slides reflecting every second of our lives.

That's my mother.

I can still hear her cry at the thought of losing her son, something I selfishly wish I never experience.

She lost her mind, panicked and hysterical, and this moment in time happens so fast. That’s the crowd of onlookers around us, that’s the moment I gain consciousness. That’s that cough that pushes water out of my lungs. That’s the hand that grabs me out of the water. That’s my reflection, a mirror in the water before I crash through.

I remember getting pushed in a pool as an ending and beginning.

Those set of slides are my mother hugging me out of the cold open.

Three Layers to Ourselves




Somewhere along the way we lost sight of the word: its beauty, its grace, and the freedom it offers from the trappings of living in a material world.

Here is my uncle giving me another 1 hour lecture; it’s about a cup.

He tells me that I need to let go of my angst. He delves deeper and tells me if I’m holding a cup for too long and it becomes too heavy, I am going to let it fall on the floor, broken in a million pieces, water everywhere.

By accepting that we’re wasting time and energy holding a cup up, waiting for our needs to be met, we open ourselves up to solutions, we learn new things because we grew older: it’s wisdom. 

Wisdom, an ongoing process that helps us learn to see the world around us more clearer than before. Next time we choose a lighter cup, maybe fill it halfway up so we can hold it longer, or there, over there a table top. With foresight comes understanding, and though it’s a cup analogy it shows how simple the process of life can be.

Those slides eventually turn from black and white, to color screens, high definition then holograms.


The Power of Choice

We are given free will; all mankind has a right to free will and therefore the right to choose (within limits). We can’t fly (in the material world) but we can choose to react to things or be responsive.

That's what separates humans from wild animals; animals act on instinct, animals can be rabid and those animals can’t (necessarily) be held accountable for their actions. (purrrr)

We are every choice we have made and part of making these choices is by understanding who we are, and by extent what we want, something done through reflection.

One of my favorite comic books of all time is beautifully scripted by Brian Azarello, and his writing is breathtakingly illustrated by on of my favorite artists, Jim Lee.

It made me understand Superman as a person, that he goes through doubt and insecurity.

The comic beautifully illustrates why he has to wear this mask…

Why we all wear masks.


Kal El is a Mother’s Child

The 1st layer to ourselves is Kal El: the person only our parents know.

They were the ones that have known us from birth, they are the (early) architects of our lives. That’s me at the edge of a pool, my reflection staring back at me, surface of the water is a fear barrier, plunging through is the only way to overcome fear.

I am my mother’s child in more than a million ways. Her wisdom set the tone towards an ever-evolving study of self, and though I’m sure there are other key moments in my life, learning to swim was the best way to speak about self reflection.


Clark Kent is our 2nd layer

The 2nd layer is the mask we create to protect our vulnerabilities. In the age of social media we’re increasingly forced to wear many masks for different circles and situation. We can lose ourselves in the shuffle.

The danger of the second layer is the ego, a false sense of self, a self that feeds on the seven deadly sins only to tax us with more self-doubts and insecurity once the dopamine wears off.

In Superman’s story, Lex Luthor represents that side of humanity

Lex figures out who Superman is, though he’s brilliant in his own right, he’s conflicted. Because he can’t see clearly he dismisses the idea, he can't fathom that a person with the power of a god would disguise themselves as a feeble human being.

It takes letting go of the ego, to steps outside oneself and look oneself in the mirror with sober eyes. When we understand we know when to put the cup down.

Lex Luthor represents the half of humanity that doesn't understand, he’s always holding up his cup; his cup is jealousy.

Lois Lane can't see through the disguise; her cup is...

Insight - Hierarchy of Minds

The Third Layer To Ourselves

In Hierarchy of Minds I bring up the 4 mindsets and I would like to elaborate on that to close the third layer. The first 2 mindsets are at the bottom of that hierarchy because they are prisoners of their own minds, a situation all of us go through. But some of us become addicted to it, the victim of circumstance without holding ourselves accountable, we feel society owes us something, it's a slave mentality. The soldier stops complaining about their circumstance, they decide to do something about it, but a soldier will only go so far before they quit.

A step beyond a soldier is the 3rd layer to ourselves, it’s the warrior. A warrior is a soldier who makes the choices to become aligned with their passion. They made the tough choice to jump off the deep end through the fear barrier, because they are willing to die for whatever they are fighting for, what they believe in.