Blog – Upside Down Pyramid (Part 1)

Insight: Three Layers to Ourselves


A fiery light of red storms into my space. Throws a towel at me, tells me to wipe the look of surprise off my face. “Wake up, WAKE UP!” fingers snapping out of sync with time ticking. Each snap pushing me into deeper layers of wake. 

Blurred vision setting in to focus and before I can fully fathom the fear barrier I crashed through; she walks out the door. I could only catch a glimpse of her beautiful curly hair, fiery red, short dress sequin glimmer red flowing down her body like a river curved. 


“Follow me” are her instructions I hear from around the corner. As the glimmer of red fades away her voice commands again “hurry” and without thought, I follow

Outside the box?

It’s out of one box into a bigger box.

My body no longer awake, in this new box, I float where the physical realm gives way to abstract and whimsical. The bigger box constructed from my interpretation of the world. These are the things on my mind today, I’m still a slave of the physical. The gravity grounds me sometimes, other times I’ll fly over cities, there are times when I can’t move, other times I walk through walls. 

I can hear what that dog is thinking.

The downs and ups of dreaming.

Float far enough and reality becomes less linear, details get shuffled around, blurs of paint start to manifest, some in colour; others shades of grey. 

That rabbit is laughing at me.

Inside the Rabbit Hole

Deeper in the rabbit hole of consciousness - another light, another layer past awakening, this is the third. In the third,  some laws that applied before are no longer valid, I must become the unlearning. This time red is at a gate guarding my most repressed fantasies, the things I lust for, memories I buried deep inside my psyche. Exes and my past haunt me here and I try to pretend like I don’t know why? Maybe I should get a zed, add a dot below and get over myself [get it? Get the clue!].  


On a hill a glass elevator descends from nothing; lands on the hill of giants and peaches.

The universe as I know it disappears as I walkthrough. Just one button lines its glass walls, she stands over there in a corner. “I’m Jessica” is a warm friendly greeting, bright red hair, red dress, red lips and red pupils. Past her, past the glass walls a view with an infinite landscape of nothingness lined with clouds of dust and stars. 

A thousand years of human consciousness rains around us like a warm shower.

Chaos can be misinterpreted by the flesh version of ourselves that’s why we fail; because we run from it. Chaos is the universe itself. Past versions of the self were too blind to see it. Because we were blind, we failed to be an eye in these storms, often making it the part where we wake.

The spiritual version of self is one with the chaos, the mind reflects that hence why our thoughts feel like a thousand wild monkeys when we meditate. 

Sacred geometry manifests. 

It’s a free mind in motion beyond the self. Beyond the self-inside human consciousness the flesh doesn’t matter, time doesn't matter, matter doesn't matter. It's at this level that we realize how we make gods in our own image and only the concept of curiosity and an elevator could ascend us into a deeper madness. Deeper, and see past the edge of god. 

Past the edge of want.

Insight: The Abyss of Failing Someone

The Red Dragon.

Jessica reaches out to me, her being suggests that I should hold her hand. I reach out, she grabs my reaching hand and jumps out the door into another level of nothing. 

At first, I try not to let her go. In life we have to face our dragons to get to this layer and oftentimes that dragon looks like ourselves, it knows us, it knows our sins, our pleasures our pains, what we want, why we suffer. It knows how to fool us and It knows how to make the weight of the physical world holds us back. 

That’s what the devil is and the only way to outwit the devil is by not playing its game

I finally let her go.  

Let go of the things that weighed us down yesterday, fall deeper into the abyss of nothing. Fall and see her become yesterday, another star reflecting on human consciousness.

Dragons slayed brings us past human consciousness. Universal consciousness, the singularity, we are one with the aliens who hide from us, we are one with the matter, we are neither here nor there, there are no yesterdays, no todays or right now.

We are the gods we’re looking for. Here we are the universe articulates itself, like a harmonious soundscape.

Without us, it would be an incomplete sound.

Insight: Hierarchy of Minds

Hierarchy of Minds 2

In the first  Hierarchy of Minds, I talk about the different types of people that make up the hierarchies of society and with The Rabbit Hole in mind I’d like to expand on it.

If I had to simplify power and the construct of our society today into a symbol it would be a pyramid with the brick at the top governing that system, and the slaves at the bottom holding it up.

Those slaves complain about their environment but they never do anything about it.

Above the slave comes the soldier, the soldier has something to fight for, a home and a family, but a soldier will only fight so much before they give up.

A warrior is a soldier who is willing to die for their cause. Warriors are beyond the flesh, they believe in a purpose greater than themselves. Soldiers are passionate, warriors are willing to give 100% plus taxes. A relentless pursuit to breakthrough. Warriors have found themselves, they have found their calling and therefore become aligned with the universe a paintbrush articulating its story.

Our Legacy.

Passion on that level is seductive. 

Their passion motivates us to become part of it, to follow them, it becomes a movement and only that movement can crown them a king.

A good king understands they aren’t the system, they are a service to that system.  Good kings understand the same rules that got them to the top might not apply to sustain that position. 

Good kings… leaders if you will recognize that the pyramid of power is upside down.

Eventually, that movement becomes bigger than them, sometimes outliving them for generations, that movement becomes their legacy.

The eye above symbolizes the ideal to follow.

Upside Down Pyramid (Part 2)

What if we turned every brick into circles slightly overlapping; an infinite amount of number eights...

To be continued 

Insight: We Evolve Beyond one Place