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Business Development Workshops for Creative Entrepreneurs.

  • Our workshops provide inclusive spaces where individuals can explore personal creative growth through a design thinking process and leave the workshops with tools that will assist them in building strong entrepreneurship skills, reduce financial risks and make profit

What makes us credible? 

  • Comprised of a team of individuals with 20 years of accumulated experience in sales, advertising, customers service, project management, psychology, and community building through The Annex Art Party, the unicorns at CreativeUTO have teamed up together to spread the wealth, help creative entrepreneurs realign themselves, discover their passions, and reposition their ideas to sell it to their customers in 30 seconds.


The workshops include:

The Art of the Sale:

  • a design thinking workshop that uses the class as an incubator to help you develop your idea on a business canvass model and teach you how to sell it in 30 seconds.

Know Thyself:

  • a design thinking workshop that uses an arts-based approach that will help you create an outline of who you are as an artist and your passions.

Creative Community and Positive Vibes:

  • We are expanding CreativeUTO, with each new subscriber.  Your recurring payments will allow us to open up a 2,600-sq. ft. facility where we incubate creative entrepreneurs and their projects.


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