Call to Artists – Inktober Marathon Event Overview

Inktober Marathon

  • We are publishing our first ever 31-page photobook dedicated to ink art, in time for the holidays. Toronto artists submit up to 5 art pieces, patrons vote for the best ones on CreativeUTO, Facebook, and Instagram. Live voting final results during innovator drinks at CSI Annex.

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About Inktober

  • If you're not familiar with Inktober, it's an inking challenge started by illustrator Jake Parker for the purpose of practicing and refining your skills with ink. Each day of October you must make an ink drawing, post it to social media, and hashtag it with #inktober #inktober2018.

How to participate

  • Submit Inktober themed art weekly for free
  • Only 5 submissions per artist allowed
  • We publish it for a week on our fan page
  • All pictures will be credited & linked back to your stores
  • Fans vote for the best pictures of the week
  • Top 10 pictures of the week go to finals
  • Finals will be on October 31st at CSIAnnex Café
  • Industry insiders vote for final 31 live
  • We launch the photobook in time for the holidays
  • Artists selected make royalties on sales, memberships 

Click Here - To submit your art

  • This form has been broken down into 3 sections; Artist information, Photobook logistics and Submissions


All art submitted will be sold in #CUTO Marketplace

  • postcards,
  • posters
  • t-shirts
  • Photobook

artists participate in profit share system

Profit share

  • Artist take 30 percent direct sale
  • Cover artist takes 22%
  • Photobook splits 60 40 in favor of participating artists
  • Participating artists split 60%

CUTO Fundraiser

  • Help us open a 2,600 square feet incubator space
  • The rest goes towards overheads
  • fundraiser to open an incubator space

Downloads - The Official Prompt List


#CreativeUTO #CUTO #Inktober Marathon #Inktober2018

CreativeUTO will be following the official 2018 Inktober prompt list,

Submission deadlines

  • Due dates are on Friday
  • Results by Following Wednesday

Inktober week 1 (deadlines October 5th)

  • Poison
  • Tranquil
  • Roasted
  • Spell
  • Chicken

Inktober week 2 (October 12th)

  • Drooling
  • Exhausted
  • Star
  • Precious
  • Flowing
  • Cruel
  • Whale

Inktober week 3 (October 19th)

  • Guarded
  • Clock
  • Weak
  • Angular
  • Swollen
  • Scorched

Inktober week 4 (October 26th)

  • Breakable
  • Drain
  • Expensive
  • Muddy
  • Chop
  • Prickly
  • Stretch
  • Thunder

Votes are separated in to 3 categories,

  • 1 heart on IG or like on FB gets 2 point.
  • Vote from industry insider is 7 points
  • Write-in vote in Google form 5 points
  • Instagram comment gets 3 points

Submit your art below