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Shop – Kyla Yager Artwork

My name is Kyla and I am a Visual Artist with a focus on drawing and painting. I am originally from New Orleans, LA and in 2018 I obtained my BFA in Visual Art from York University in Toronto. Since then, I lived in Washington, DC to do social justice work, moved back to New Orleans to work as a practicing artist, and am now back in Toronto to continue my art career. I am passionate about working with kids, social justice, and using art as a way to intersect my passions. My style is abstract with a psychedelic touch. I often tend to combine realism within my abstract work as well. I hope my artwork sends a message and provokes conversation among viewers.


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Shop – Dani Donayre Ecuadorian/ Canadian Visual Artist

I'm an Ecuadorian/Canadian Toronto based visual artist. I was raised in South America and grew up surrounded by beautiful colors and sights. This spurred my love for all things artistic and years later led me to fall in love with many forms of art. I express myself through bright colors and constantly strive to bring different parts of my home and family to my pieces.



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Shop – LadyAstro Japanese Visual Storyteller

LadyAstro(Mitsuki B. Fujimoto) is a Japanese Visual Storyteller & Registered Teacher in Childcare based in Toronto.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and was raised by a father who was a composer, and a mother who was a passionate ballet dancer. LadyAstro began her artistic involvement in her early childhood. At 12, she left Japan to study abroad in Thailand, Australia, India, US & UK. Her area of interest has always been in Visual/Performing Arts, Philosophy, Care for the Earth & Social Justice.

She has been working as a designer & illustrator ever since 2015.

In 2019, she was registered as RECE and has been working as an Outdoor/Nature educator at alternative school & childcare centers. Combining her practice in creative arts, holistic therapy & education, she takes a transdisciplinary approach to her art-making and uses art as a powerful method & tool for social change; urging the viewer to engage in meaningful conversations about global environmental/health concerns.

LadyAstro is cultivating more personal projects that address the urgency of our time to children & people of all ages.



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Shop – Kristen Stephen Fine Artist

Kristen Stephen Fine Artist

Born in Amherst, New York, and moved to Canada when she was six years old. She spent her teenage years in Niagara-on-the-Lake where she developed her interest in the arts working in her mother’s gallery.

During her time at the gallery she met many Canadian artists and developed an appreciation for a diverse spectrum of techniques and artistic perspectives. ​ After pursuing an Arts and Culture degree at Brock University Kristen moved to Toronto where she attended Ontario College of Art and Design University, majoring in painting. ​

Kristen's artistic focus is abstract painting.

She believes in responding intuitively to the materials she works with to create work that represents what she finds beautiful. Kristen creates art intended to be a reprieve from the darkness and negativity in society, transporting viewers to a place of ease through colour planes of glitter and softness. ​ She lives in Cabbagetown with her two energetic children, and two playful dogs.

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Participate & Monthly Memberships start at $30

Thank you for participating in a CreativeUTO event

Scroll down, buy participation to secure your space. Participation gives you access to our programs.

We will help actualize your startup and collab on cool projects


  • #DailyArtTO - We publish your art + bio with links back to your store on our website, Facebook, and Instagram page
  • Featured artist on CUTO Podcast (can come back any time to promote your art)
  • Participate in curating the Symposium anthologies + exhibits
  • Weekly Zoom Meetups We meet online to collaborate on the Symposium exhibits


We can help with solo exhibits and or art installations


  • Host a solo exhibit through strategic partnerships. Will cost a bit more, based on your budget


We work with you on developing your business 

  • Build a profitable art business 6-month incubation program.
  • Social Media Real Estate - A weekly meetup where we work on your social media plan
  • WordPress Website - A weekly meetup where we help you develop, host your website, and operate it to profitability
  • The Art of the Sale - Workshop where we design a 10-page Business Canvass Model for your project


$30 monthly (pay as you go every month. Cancel any time)


$80 for 3 months (1 symposium event. Pay every 3 months but save $15. Cancel any time )


$160 for 6 months (2 symposium event. Pay every 6 months and save $24.  )



You can cancel any time

Click the button below or E-mail us and we will process it on the back end




Call to Artists – Cover Artist Gets $1,200 and 2 Featured Artists $600

 Radical Dreams of Equity and Kindness


What kind of world do you want to live in after Covid-19? 


Share your dreams


CreativeUTO is a socially conscious incubator of creative thinkers. We are launching the inaugural issue of Symposium, a print anthology, and video exhibit. For our first issue, we have chosen the theme: Radical Dreams of Equity and Kindness. We acknowledge that Covid-19 has dramatically disrupted all of our lives. We see, too, that there are deep inequalities that undermine our core values and beliefs.


We invite all artists across media to contribute their visions of a better future. Because dreams are the first step to bring better to life.



Artists click here to submit your artwork

Video Exhibits broadcasted live on CUTO Podcast

For fundraising, details go to our fundraiser page


Event-goers buy tickets and anthology on Patreon


Submit your work, make sure to include a 250-word artist statement. You’ll be sent to an onboarding page when you register. You’ll receive a welcome package including promotional material and an invoice. We publish your work on our Facebook fan page, (y)our fans help us critique and add context to these pictures by leaving likes, comments, and sharing your work. Artists will be selected by our Steering Committee, an elected group of established members of the creative community and CreativeUTO members. Artists present their work onlinr. We work together to promote our creation, share profits, knowing that proceeds go to Sistering, ASE Community, and TICOT



  • Cover artist (visual, video and written work will be considered): $1,200
  • 2 Featured artists get $600
  • Submissions are open to Toronto artists. Some preference will be given to local Toronto and GTA based artists.


Artists click here to submit your artwork





We want to know how you envision a better world.


Be creative.

Be serious.

Be ridiculous.


We want your brave and beautiful visions to inspire and then build a better tomorrow






We use ethical and environmentally conscious for all our merchandise



Proceeds from CreativeUTO projects go to funding projects from Sistering, ASE, and TICOT




Submission guidelines:

We accept all forms of art that relate to the theme of radical dreams of equity and kindness for a post-COVID-19 world. The art we accept includes but is not limited to:


  • Visually striking eye candy
  • Visual Art (drawing, painting, sculpture, mixed media)
  • Photography
  • Short stories
  • Poetry
  • Other written work (personal essays, creative non-fiction, etc)
  • Performance (Dance, music, etc)
  • Art installations
  • Experimental Arts


The following is the definition of 1 piece:


  • One image of a visual piece (300 dpi PNG format or your print will be junk and may be rejected.)
  • One or multiple poems which collectively total up to 600 words (please submit in ONE file)
  • One piece of written work up to 1200 words 
  • One Video (Please submit a video in HD)
  • One audio file (for musicians, you’ll need audio quality guidelines. They will also need to submit text or an image which to accompany their work.)



For non-text works please include an accompanying artist statement on how your work connects to the theme and clearly indicate which piece it is accompanying. Up to 250 words per piece, the artist statement does not count as one of your pieces. Please verify that all submitted work is original to you. For work involving multiple parties, submissions, consent to participate must be given by all participants and artists.



We are giving away $1,200 to a cover artist and $600 to 2 featured artists


November 21st (Submission deadline)

  • Submission deadline for 1st edition of Anthology (live event)

  • Artists pictures will be published on IG, Facebook during the onboarding process
  • Participation fee due before we publish your work on our networks
  • Early submissions will have a chance to campaign for cover artist longer
  • We work as a community to critique the art
  • You can invite your followers to vote like and give feedback


  • Facebook or IG like = 3 points
  • Facebook or IG comments = 5 points
  • An event like at 77 Shuter = 12 points
  • CreativeUTO staff like or comment = 12 points


Saturday, November 28th

  • Symposium Video Exhibit at Studio 77
  • Very limited space available at 77 Shuter
  • Bring foods, and wine
  • The event starts at 3 pm
  • There will be a live DJ
  • Artists must submit their artwork between
  • Doors open at 8 pm
  • Private event for artists and fundraisers
  • Fundraiser to sell the book
  • Social distancing rules are in effect (wear masks, limited to 50 people)


Saturday, December 12th (Final 20)

  • Symposium Video Exhibit at Studio 77
  • Bring 2 pieces of work between 1 and 4 pm
  • Very limited space available at 77 Shuter


Download the event PDF here


Event-goers get your tickets on Patreon

Artists click here to submit your artwork

Video Exhibits broadcasted live on CUTO Podcast

For fundraising, details go to our fundraiser page



Call For Artists – Build a Profitable Art Business in 6 months. Orientation Starts on July 2nd

Build a Profitable Art Business

Get ongoing business development on Zoom (and eventually in-person) with this 6-month business development program.


Help 300 artists actualize a profitable business system that complements their creative cycle through design thinking approaches, workshops, and ongoing exhibits.

Creating an incubator

After years of researching how artworks, I have come to realize that we are all different, we live differently, we have different business development needs, different advertising needs and different ways of doing things. 

I used the feedback from my research to design the ABLO and SMARTERai operational philosophies that borrow from proven project management principles. This incubation program is designed to accommodate artists and cater to their different business needs.  


However, the Hiscox report notes that online art sales may be benefitting from growth in other e-commerce sectors, as 73% of art buyers said they had bought other products in a similar price range online before buying art online. In 2017, that figure was just 68%. --- Source


Sessions are once per week

  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • The incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person

Click the link below to register



Scroll down for more info



All projects at CreativeUTO go through 4 phases of development. These phases are alpha, beta, launch, operate. ABLO is part of the SMARTER system; both ABLO and SMARTER are based on project management principles and that will help manage the community and the projects involved.  Projects can cycle back to any of the 4 phases in ABLO. One such project is an online collaborative incubator for artists. We’re in the BETA phase of setting up the online incubator. 


BETA phase

We are in the alpha phase of the incubator, looking to gather a community of artists who will get to develop their business side through our workshops; where they will  get proper guidance to prepare a pitch deck for their organization detailing out  their value proposition, target market, sales funnel, and marketing plans.


While online art market growth may be plodding, one key trend has emerged: Big spenders—defined by Hiscox as collectors who spend more than $100,000 per year on art—are increasingly comfortable browsing and buying art online. The report notes that these big spenders are the most frequent visitors to online sales platforms, with 50% of them visiting multiple times per week—a big jump from the previous year, when just 38% of big spenders made multiple virtual trips per week to online art vendors. And those increasingly frequent visits are translating to more transactions—47% of big spenders said they bought art online in the last 12 months, up from 30% in the 2018 report. - Source

In house currency

Community members who earn MANA (our in house currency, built into your account on our website) can use it to trade for resources, cash out, or trade-in for a license to host workshops or their own projects.  


In house workshops include:

  •       SMARTER Collaboration
  •       The Art of the Sale
  •       Know Thyself
  •       Business Model Canvas 2020
  •       WordPress Website Workshop
  •       Get up to $7,000 in funding through Access


You walk away with knowledge on how to operate a profitable business system that fits your day to-day creative process

This includes: 

  • The freedom to fail and succeed
  • Free-flowing design thinking classes
  • Showcase your art at our upcoming exhibits
  • How to set up and operate your WordPress Website
  • Keyword research 
  • Get your pages on Google
  • Social media strategy
  • A Business Model Canvass to create a Pitch Deck
  • Sales funnel content & marketing strategy
  • A fully functional  website
  • Work on projects, or workshops in the community
  • Create a tribe and collaborate on projects together


  • Access to a community of artists
  • Access to events, programs, and workshops

Long term goals

  • Helps us create resources to help with homelessness, isolation and mental illness in our community
  • Build an ecosystem of 300 artists
  • Help us build the Artists and Social Innovation Expo. A 7 day 300 annual artist art installation.

Registration process 

  • 1st Class July 2nd 2020
  • Register first so we can get on the same page
  • Pay and setup your account on CreativeUTO.ca when you're ready 
  • Your CreativeUTO account gives you access to the backend
  • CreativeUTO account accumulates Volume for activity (community currency)
  • Early bird Pay $45 for the 1st 2-months
  • Incubator is $75 per month for 6 months
  • You get continued support after through our Slack community
  • Our classes will be through Zoom (where we will setup multiple rooms)
  • Once Social Distancing restrictions change they will eventually be in person


Click the link below to register


Sessions are weekdays between

Design thinking classes targets everyone on the bell curve

  • 1 till 3 pm
  • 5 till 8 pm
  • 8 till 11 open house 




5 Trending Artists of Toronto in May 2020

We are bringing back Trending Artists of Toronto.




Introducing Volume: Our In-House Currency


At CreativeUTO we want to build a vibrant community where artists can collaborate freely. One way to facilitate this is to create our own in-house currency, so that artists can gain compensation when they work on eachothers’ projects or participate in the community. Volume is awarded based on activity. It can be used to trade or barter for goods and services. 

Community members can use the Volume to cash out.

Think of CreativeUTO like a role-playing game, but instead you earn Volume for engaging and being a productive member of the tribe. We design where we want to award Volume and how much it returns. The value of this currency is determined by the amount of money there is to go around. Volume will help artists collaborate on each other’s projects without having to worry about getting paid.

The artist with the most Volume

Volume is still in the alpha phase of development and is being rolled out carefully. In the future we'll incorporate the currency in more public ways. Eventually the ecosystem will include our extended community (our followers) and art stores. For now Volume is awarded based on the artist with the most activity on their CreativeUTO podcast page over the previous 60 days.


Our first recipient is Char G.


Listen to her podast below and make sure to subscribe for daily art




Char G was the 3rd artist I interviewed since launching this project, as a matter of fact, she was the 3rd artist I interviewed that day. I realized by this 3rd interview that I wasn’t going to compile the interviews. That each artist was contributing enough to merit a whole week of shine, like a featured artist. In Char G’s interview we discussed Feminism, body and sexy positivity, street art, and her dog. If she was a Featured Artist in April then she is the Covered Artist now.


Shop her art on CreativeUTO


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Go to her website


Also trending this month is contemporary artist Nicole Little. 


Nicole is an amazing addition to our podcast. Her episode was over 2 hours, but that didn't stop it from being one of our most popular videos on YouTube in terms of views and retention. Since we published her podcast Nicole has joined CreativeUTO, has helped me host the 2nd Video Exhibit and we’ve continued to evolve the concept. 

Stay tuned to see what we have in store. 

For more art from Nicole Little go to our shop


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The 1st podcast interview we published featured Kamil Swiatek. 


We discussed spirituality and art, a conversation that has reverberated through the other interviews with artists building on it.  In Kamil’s interview he answers questions about his incubator. We discussed bullying and how he escaped it through spirituality, as well as the value of getting into the flow state. 

Great interview Kamil

Shop Kamil's art on CreativeUTO

Go to his Instagram

Go to his website


SofiL’s podcast was published Tuesday (May 26th). 


Her video had the fastest launch for all podcasts on our YouTube channel. All artists' videos get shared to 100s of Facebook groups and it takes about 1 day to publish in about 30 groups. SofiL’s sample video got to 1,000 views within 2 days, whereas most ads got there by the 3rd or 4th day. This is a testament to the community growing, each artist paving the way for others to succeed faster, making it easier to earn exposure and, by extension, currency. 

In Sofil’s case, her interview also highlighted other acrylic artists who have been featured on CreativeUTO’s marketplace.

Shop SofiL's art on CreativeUTO


For more info about Hong Kong-born Canadian Visual Artist SofiL

go to 


Go to her Instagram


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The Universe articulates itself featuring The Art Hippo himself, Navneet. 


The Universe articulates itself! I believe the 1st time I mentioned this, or alluded to it, was in Kamil Swiatek's interview, however it became the main theme with Navneet because it encapsulates his artistic style. Like all the interviews, I had a great time with Navneet. It sounds cliche, but I understand when a parent can’t choose a favorite child. I don't have a favorite interview because they all contributed to the community in their own way. 



Shop – Toronto Based Artist The Art Hippo


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I hope you enjoy them as much as I had fun making them.


Shop – Hong Kong-born Canadian Visual Artist SofiL

Shop - Hong Kong-born Canadian Visual Artist SofiL

SofiL is a Hong Kong-born Canadian visual artist based in Toronto. She received her Master of Fine Arts from New York Studio School and Bachelor of Fine Arts from OCAD University. SofiL has exhibited across Canada, the United States, and England. Her work is in several private collections in Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong. She is a recipient of the LCU Housing Grant, and numerous scholarships and awards, such as the Concordia Scholarship and the Association of Christian Schools International Fine Arts Festival Awards.

View her gallery below



For more info about Hong Kong-born Canadian Visual Artist SofiL

go to 


Go to her Instagram


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