Online Co-working Space for Artists, Coders, Creators & Developers

CodingUTO - Online Co-working Space for Artists, Coders, Creators & Developers

Coding Unicorns of Toronto is an extension of CreativeUTO an online collaborative space for coders, artists, creators and developers focussed on developing in house, client projects or their own projects.

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Weekly meetup 

The next meetup in on Sunday April 28th at 3:30 PM

  • Every week members of the community can log in to Zoom and use the time to collaborate on projects based on the SMARTER system. Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm.

Agenda for the meetup:

  • What is SMARTER? Simplified Methods Achieving Results through Exact Rhythm
  • Creative Unicorns of Toronto memberships
  • looking for WP Coders - Free Minds in Motion - FMiMBranding
  • What are you working on? (do you want to monetize it?)

AGENDA - If you have anything you'd like to present, your idea, project, workshops, service please contact me.

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Memberships Start at $30 per month,

that gives you access to:

  • Coding Unicorns,
  • Branding Workshops,
  • sell your services,
  • be vendor/presenter at The Annex Art Party, 
  • and profit share on projects you participate on.

For membership options at CUTO Incubator

Moving Forward

  • Ideally we'd like to be open and have events, workshops, projects going at different times
  • To launch we meet weekly Sunday evenings
  • 1nce per month in person time and dates for all meetings set with initial meet groups

Next Steps

Creative Community + Positive Vibes