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We are a socially conscious incubator that advances profit-sharing creative projects. We support, educate, and develop entrepreneurs, coders, artists, creators, and developers from all walks of life. We drive forward projects through SMARTER collaboration from the foundation up. But most importantly, we build and multiply spaces for creators to come together to combat the all too common and interconnected epidemics of isolation, mental health, and homelessness in the creative community.

Artists who registered and participated in past events, programs and projects
Artshows since 2016 including, Social Enterprise Pop Up, The Annex Art Party, and online marketing campaigns including 100 Artists Talk Solution and The Inktober Marathon
Community Animators on the CUTO Creative sharing in over 60 skills focused on developing in house, 2nd party or client projects
Unicorns have contributed to developing CreativeUTO including coders, artists, creators and Developers

Collaborative Incubator System


Our community is designed for Unicorns to actively participate on their project.


Simplified Methods Achieving Results Through Exact Rhythm. The goals of these projects will be broken down into 4 milestones, with a set of nested activities:


Each project will be carefully mapped out through our collaborative system, and have a monetary value attached.


The largest portion of profit always returns to the creator (up to 60%), but a portion of the profit also goes to participants who helped along the way (it takes many hands to put together a resilient, revenue generating art project), and the rest goes to our community, overhead, and other projects.

This makeup is determined, through a Design Thinking workshop where we use a Business Canvass Model to articulate the project.

All projects go through Alpha Beta Launch phase. We are always drawing from and revising our approach based upon the community’s evolving needs.

Projects, Resources, Workshops & Services

Isolation Homelessness & Mental Health

A key problem #CUTO eliminates is the creative entrepreneur’s experience of living and working in isolation. It's hard to find spaces with like-minded individuals, and it's hard to survive in a linear world of 9 to 5 when creation is abstract and increasingly non-linear. It’s hard to monetize your art by yourself, and it can become discouraging or prohibitively expensive trying to find the right people to help.

#CUTO eliminates isolation by fostering a community of talented individuals, and allowing you to share in their knowledge, skills, and resources. This enables creators to focus on the skills you’re strongest at. “Unicorns” can work within our creative spaces, or at our events, or on their own projects by themselves or as part of a team.  

We Are Creative Thinkers

We are creative thinkers. Command a critical intellect. Articulate with clarity. Find the complex in simplicity. Are elevated by ambition. Grounded in humility. Susceptible to growth. Have a strong sense of integrity & honesty. While respecting flow & energy. Stagnant energy is negative energy. Still waters collect bacteria

Creative Unicorns of Toronto


Chloe Heathers
Creative Director


Elizaveta Zhurkovskaya
Creative Director


Michael Bole
Business Developer


Salomeh Ahmadi


We actively R&D over 60 skills in our community including

Concept art, illustration, graphic design, French, Coding Networking, Marketing, Business Solutions, Event Management, Workshop, Design, Public Speaking, Editing, Networking, sales, QA, Teaching, Advertising, Copy Editing, Copy Writing, Content creation, Illustration, Logo Design, Project Management, Marketing, Negotiation, Entrepreneurship, Typography, Training, Mentoring, Profile Writing, Presentations, Business Networking, Branding, Photography, Web Design,  Consulting, SEO Strategy , Basics of Google Analytics, Illustration, Design, Art Direction, Curation, Creative Networking, Recruiting, Social Media Advertising, Data Analysis, Surveying, Event Planning


Business Development Services:

  • Project Management, research & development
  • Branding, logo design & art direction
  • Social Media marketing, advertisement & SEO 
  • WordPress UX web development and maintenance
  • Copy writing, value proposition & sales funnels
  • Customer service, business development, sales & training 
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