Event Liability & Abandonment Agreement

Event Liability and Abandonment Agreement & Artist Code of Conduct

Updated December 2019

Safety, Liability and Insurance

The Annex Art Party and other CreativeUTO events take place in venues mentioned in their respective event outlines and will be refered to as (TAAP7) moving forward. Most CreativeUTO events are family friendly, open to the public and all people. A point of contact will be assigned to you in your welcome package for situations that you feel require attention. If you require Toronto Police Services, please call 911. Please notify staff or volunteers at the info tent of suspicious behaviour as soon as possible.

In consideration of (TAAP) providing you with a display area, you fully understand and completely agree that you will not hold (TAAP), its board members, staff, volunteers, agents, contractors, affiliates and sponsors, liable for any bodily injury, mental distress, death, lost or stolen property or loss or damage to any property belonging to yourself or any other person in, on or about your display area or on the site . Artists must secure adequate insurance coverage protecting themselves and all exhibit material from damage, theft and injury for the duration of the show including setup and tear down. As a part of your contract you are responsible for any loss or damage occurring at your booth.

Changes to your Booth Location

You understand that unless otherwise stated, your booth fee only covers your physical footprint and does not include table, wall space or tent rental. All artists are responsible for renting or bringing their own or renting through a CreativeUTO assigned 3rd party. You acknowledge, understand completely, and fully agree that CreativeUTO and their site hosts, and associates, may need to make changes to the event site footprint with or without notifying you, leading up to, during setup and/or during the live event after you set up. These changes may result in your booth display location being moved to another area of the site footprint. If you have set up a display that the CreativeUTO or (TAAP) does not approve of we can ask you to alter and/or remove said display. You acknowledge this, understand, and completely and fully agree that said changes/alterations, with or without notice to you, would not give rise to any claim by you or result in the CreativeUTO or (TAAP) owing any refund given these said changes.


You understand (TAAP) is a rain or shine event and agree to participate regardless of the weather. You understand and agree that in the event of severe weather conditions (TAAP) may be delayed, postponed or cancelled to ensure public safety and will not issue a refund or any compensation due to weather-related issues.

International Artists

International artists participating in (TAAP) are responsible for acquiring any required government authorization or visa and working with a customs broker to import their works into Canada. (TAAP) accepts no responsibility for any delays or seizures at the border, including exhibitors being turned away due to inadequate paperwork, criminal record or other reasons.


You acknowledge that The Annex Art Party does not accept cash or cheque payments for application, storage, advertising and booth fees under any circumstance. You must submit all payments trough PayPal via credit card, visa debit or prepaid credit card.

Application fees, storage fees and all related booth fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable under all circumstances.

Time Commitment

You also acknowledge, understand, and completely and fully agree, that you, the artist, must register and be present at your booth before the announced setup time on the day mentioned in your schedule, or you will be considered to have abandoned your booth and further, that if you, the artist, are not present at your booth by this time, whether or not you have registered, (TAAP) cannot guarantee your booth, display area, rental equipment, display tent, fencing, chairs, tables and accessories. (TAAP) and their affiliates are free to dismantle, move, and distribute all or part of the booth, display materials and accessories, and you will not be eligible for any refund or compensation from (TAAP) or their affiliates and will not hold them financially responsible or liable in any way.

If you experience an unavoidable delay please notify (TAAP) staff via phone or email. If approved by (TAAP) staff, arrange for a representative to attend and set up before the allotted time. Artist sales must end according to the fair hours, and booths must close at the times announced in your welcome package. Artists are expected to be loaded out and off the Square in a timely manner (90 minutes after fair close time).

Artist Must be Present

Artists must be present during the entire length of the fair and be there to represent the art community, themselves and their artwork. If you sell out your work, CretiveUTO asks that you return and are present for the remainder of the fair to represent yourself through engaging with visitors or social media in conversation about your work for the days of the fair. We take pride in putting the public in direct access with the artists who create the work. You acknowledge, understand, and agree, that you, the artist, will physically attend and sell your own artworks at the fair.

Artists are encouraged to bring family, friends etc. to aid in booth management, allow them to take coffee, lunch and washroom breaks etc. However your associates are not to replace your physical presence at the fair unless (TAAP) staff has given approval. Approval will only be given in emergency situations. In the event of an unforeseen absence or emergency, the artist must notify (TAAP) staff in writing (via email), and permission to designate a representative to replace the artist is at the discretion of (TAAP) staff upon receiving written notice. Artists recognize that their absence may result in their booth being shut down or ineligibility for awards judging.


You acknowledge that your participation means artists will automatically be signed up for the CreativeUTO newsletter and receive artist communications. You understand that (TAAP)’s promotional material and visual assets that are shared with you cannot be altered, and they can only be shared as is to protect the integrity of the design and brand. By submitting an application you allow (TAAP) to reproduce images of your work and bio text for use on the internet for the purpose of promoting the CreativeUTO events and initiatives. All images will be appropriately credited.

Other Responsibilities

You agree fully to leave the booth display area as found, removing all garbage and all other materials used to exhibit your work at our events and you understand that CreativeUTO and affiliates will invoice you for any damages

Artist Code of Conduct

CreativeUTO values respectful behavior, openness, positive attitude and a sense of community as our core culture. In all of our relationships, communications and partnerships with our stakeholders and artists, we abide by these core values and we expect the same in return from you.

(TAAP) has a zero tolerance policy for inappropriate behavior including, but not limited to, the use of foul language or insulting, racial slurs, and physical violence and verbal assault towards staff, volunteers, other artists or (TAAP) affiliates. If this type of behavior occurs, the artists will be escorted off the premises with no refunds of booth fees, application fees, Higgins rental fees, parking fees or any other expenses or payments and future participation in CreativeUTO events will be jeopardized.

To ensure fairness for every artist, the rules contained in this agreement will be strictly enforced. Consequences for violating the Liability and Abandonment Agreement are at the discretion of (TAAP) staff and board and can include your removal from the square with no refunds, as well as possible exemption from participating in future fairs.

You acknowledge that you fully understand and completely agree with the above terms, conditions and consequences as part of your participation in (TAAP).