Fundraiser – Still Looking For Molly: Circling Back to Freesanama

If someone asked me to sum up the hardest part of business I'd say It's the people.

People (which obviously includes me) adds to the abstract of uncertainty and artists are the most abstract people I know. Flow with the winds, summer gust one hour, Spring breeze in the afternoon, a thunder storm at night, and new art when they wake up. 

The hardest part of business is that people come and go, artists come and go, ideas go and eventually time itself fades with the sunset. The abstracts of life can make relationships fickle, and we haven't even talked about our business commitments.

Insight – The Abyss of Falling Someone

In our day to day lives all projects go through phases of development.

Some projects allow phases (sections of a project) to overlap the same way sections of our lives overlap. Some aspects of our pasts come back for us for better or worse but if we plant enough seeds then most will be for the better.

Freesanama was there at the genesis of it all, his work provided me with the tipping point that brought the concept of Creative Unicorns together with Looking for Molly about a mystery about a girl who disappeared leading to her loved ones looking for her.

Looking for Molly

Molly is a drug. It's slang for drugs I explained and that's what your story is, It’s his version of Alice in Wonderland. 

Our next goal was to get the comic launched and that was the crux of my 1st fundraiser, because with enough wealth invested in our community, we’ll be able to live our abstract lives and focus on creating. But that’s not how the force works, the abstract of life struck us and it struck us hard. Nobody responded and as business people, artists and human beings we had every right to go our separate ways.

We agreed that it was better we take the time to grow our networks, grow our brands and touch base once again and here we are, CUTO Fundraiser.

Insight - Help us Open an Incubator Space

The best part about business are people, because the once who come through, make it all worth it.

They remind us what we’re doing this f

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