Good Foot Delivery’s Ari Margolis To Help Award Unicorns #TAAP5

What is wealth?

Every night after he finishes working for Good Foot Delivery, Ari dedicates time to making sure the Annex is turned over for the morning. Sometimes he doesn’t leave until 2am, but instead stays behind changing garbages, cleaning floors, wiping counters, finding dishes, and moving chairs.

It took me some time to get used to it. At first I hated the noise late at night, but then I came to appreciate it. I learned a valuable lesson.

That is wealth.

Not the money we have, but our actions, and whether or not they give back. You can tell by the way the world greets him with love that his actions do.

In rain, snow, or the middle of summer, Ari turns the Annex over; it doesn’t matter the condition, doesn’t matter the mood. No excuses, he just does it and he doesn’t ask anything for it. That’s the reflection of a rich person and infinite thanks he receives is his wealth, it's what makes him rich.

It’s my pleasure to announce that he will be one of the industry insiders at The Annex Art Party on Saturday August 25th at CSI Annex


My name is Ari Margolis. I work for Good Foot Delivery in a few different roles. I work as a Courier, I Train New Courier, I Dispatch Courier on Delivery and Do a bit a Sales. Good Foot Delivery is a same delivery service that employ people with Devopmental Disabilities to deliver packages in the Toronto area using Public. Transit. I have been with Good Foot Delivery for about 6 and half years or so and I have never enjoyed a job so much. We got back in employing people with Devopmental Disabilities in the last year or so. but before that we were employing people with Multiple Disabilities. I am visually impaired and have a learning disability. I believe the reason for hiring people with Developmental Disabilities is because we have long waiting list to get in with us and keeps growing. For more info about Good Foot Delivery pleased go to .
I Know Michael Bole’ from Center for Social Innovation Bathurst location. Good Foot Delivery is based out 720 Bathurst Street in Toronto location. Michael Bole also works out of the Center for Social Innovation Bathurst location. He is running the Annex Art Show and does a great job at it. The Center Social Innovation is a Communal work space. Where everyone is doing a Social Good of some kind. For more info on Center for Social Innovation.
Please go to
I was asked by Michael BoIe’ to be Judge at The Annex Art Show on Aug 25 2018. I am going to be one of Judges Judging the Table Displays. This something I have never done before. I am looking forward to it. I feel honored to be asked by Michael Bole’ to be a Judge at The Annex Art Party./


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