#Inktober Marathon – Photobook + Merchandising Strategy

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We Evolve Beyond One Place

When I created CreativeUTO, the operation was 80% events and 20% online. As the operation continued to evolve that number changed to 15% events, 30% online, and 55% merchandising.

It looks like that 55% merchandising will increase dramatically as our online presence grows and our ability to create art installations that make a statement becomes more refined. Online presence means less need to spend resources on events and allows us to focus more on targeted advertising, connecting artists with their audience on a intimate level in the comfort of their own home at 3am (thanks to social media).

If we have acrylic artists, that's one single advertisement that shows the artists directly to people who love acrylic art.

Merchandise, meaningful connections 

Patrons visit CUTO Marketplace to see more art from the artist who peaked their interest, buy merchandise from the artist, and visit the artist to make a deeper connection. This is adds value to the pull artists have when they setup, a win-win for the art community at large! It means more artists motivated to create art and more artists getting exposure, which means more sales and more traffic at art events.

Facebook and Instagram allow us to create these opportunities for tens of thousands of people without much overhead, leaving more profit share for everyone involved.

Inktober Marathon is about participation

Facebook and Instagram are about participation. The idea behind the #Inktober Marathon is promoting participation; the goal is to create an event where patrons and artists alike can vote for the best Inktober themed submissions, see if their favorite artists made it, and buy the merchandise because they love Ink art.

All submissions are free, and submitted under the Creative Commons rules. Every sale earns commission points for the artists involved.

Merchandise includes:

  • A photo book
  • High resolution PDFs
  • Posters
  • Postcards
  •  CreatuveUTO T-shirts with artists' artwork on them.

Right now we are focused on Inktober.

Artist click here to submit your pictures | Click here for Inktober Marathon event outline

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