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A collaborative Community

This community is designed for us to actively participate on projects; each project will be carefully mapped out on Trello and have a monetary value attached. The structure will be broken down into 4 milestones, each with its own tasks to reach there. These milestones are, Alpha phase (gather info), Beta phase (test it amongst close friends), Launch phase and Monitor. The largest portion of the compensation will always go back to the creator (up to 60%). A portion of the profit goes to participants who help along the project, and the rest goes to the community, overheads, or other projects. These percentages are determined before a project is launched during the Alpha phase. Community members can vote on which project to take on.

Get Published

If we like your posts we republish them on our website and (fingers crossed) we're looking to start publishing an annual art book by the holidays of 2019 so you'll have an opportunity to participate there.

Sell your art

We also offer services to develop your business idea through design thinking workshops and a platform to sell your work through The Annex Art Party or our podcast where we'd make an episode about showcasing your work.

100 creative entrepreneurs 

We are looking for 100 subscribers to make enough revenue to open a 2,600 Sq. Ft. incubator space for creative entrepreneurs in the downtown core.  We will use the space to research and develop solutions for homelessness, mental health and isolation in the creative community provide space for creative entrepreneurs to

  • promote their work/performance
  • or provide their service,
  • skill-share,
  • work on your their own projects,
  • sell services or provide a workshop for the community.
  • and get free coffee

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