#Podcast – Introducing Kristen Stephen Abstract Painter

Weekly Actualization Workshops

A lot of fun at this meeting with some exciting updates..  

A few new faces at this meeting, we would like to welcome; Anna Galkina, Blaine White, Caspar de Gelmini, Apanaki Minerve, Karlon Dezylva, and Jose Cifuentes. The symposium is getting bigger and better every day.  

Michael went over in greater detail the artist model canvas and how we are truly an art collective working to help artists become entrepreneurs.  He went over the specifics of how CUTO can help each member individually and as a group. 

We discussed the linguistics and timeline of the art anthology.  We aim to have the anthology ready at the beginning of December, right on time for the holidays.  The new application deadline is November 20, and the competition closes on December 4.  

We have increased the prize money for Symposium.  The cover artist now receives $1200.00 and the two feature artists receive $600.00 each.  Please tell everyone to get out there and vote for your artwork, through www.creativeuto.ca

We answered questions regarding the symposium event and how the voting process specifically works.  We discussed featuring artists on the website and social media, and how CUTO can help each artist with their brand.  

Artist shops are now up and running on the website, and artists will be able to update and maintain their own shops in the future.

Introducing Kristen Stephen Abstract Painter

Kristen Stephen did a podcast discussing her artwork and life as an artist which everyone can view on the website.  Our goal is to have every artist do their own podcast, with an artist spotlight, please reach out to Rachel and let her know you would like to do that.

Learn about Kristen’s one kind technique using inks and glitter to create illuminating images that are simply breathtaking.  In this candid interview, we discuss not only Kristen’s artistic practice but what being an artist means to her and how she has overcome the challenges of Covid-19 in our new reality.

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