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LadyAstro(Mitsuki B. Fujimoto) is a Japanese Visual Storyteller & Registered Teacher in Childcare based in Toronto.

She was born in Tokyo, Japan, and was raised by a father who was a composer, and a mother who was a passionate ballet dancer. LadyAstro began her artistic involvement in her early childhood. At 12, she left Japan to study abroad in Thailand, Australia, India, US & UK. Her area of interest has always been in Visual/Performing Arts, Philosophy, Care for the Earth & Social Justice.

She has been working as a designer & illustrator ever since 2015.

In 2019, she was registered as RECE and has been working as an Outdoor/Nature educator at alternative school & childcare centers. Combining her practice in creative arts, holistic therapy & education, she takes a transdisciplinary approach to her art-making and uses art as a powerful method & tool for social change; urging the viewer to engage in meaningful conversations about global environmental/health concerns.

LadyAstro is cultivating more personal projects that address the urgency of our time to children & people of all ages.



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