300 Unicorns – Weekly Potluck Meetups

300 Unicorns

A two-hour event where we share our food and culture, what it means to be creative entrepreneurs, and collaborate on each other's project outlines through a design and thinking process.

Weekly Potluck Meetup

Last year's potluck meetups were intimate, dynamic and informative. The potluck established the groundwork for a creative community; an incubator where artists can collaborate and build their project. We used design thinking to create and develop the concept behind Business Model Canvas (BMC) 2.0

Business Model Canvass 2.0

The BMC 2.0 allowed artists to share their ideas, discuss how to better articulate and grow their idea to share information based on real-life experiences. As a group, we have discussed the new Instagram algorithm, sales strategies, and best practices for creating a following of individuals who would potentially buy their art. who’ll buy your art.


In 2020 we want to expand on this by bringing in mentors who can capitalize on the idea of workshops in real-time and share their expertise. We use the potluck meetups to expand on this idea by focusing some weeks on specific needs based on the community.

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The purpose of this podcast is to help Unicorns develop their projects and raise funding for CUTO Marketplace: a five-day expo that brings together investors, industry professionals, influencers, vendors, artists, coders, and performers to purchase art, workshops, services, and exchange skills and information.