Podcast – Art Business & Spirituality with Kamil Swiatek

Art Business & Spirituality with Kamil Swiatek

Do you remember what you were doing before Covid-19 shut the world down?

This is the 1st year since creating CreativeUTO where I was ready to go by January 1st. The mindset was to use the 1st month to set the precedent for the whole year and use it to build momentum to set up the decade.

We had a good start with The Melanin Exhibit where we collaborated with Gallery 1017 to bring together artists who presented their art and celebrated over 600 thousand years of Black History. A way of telling the world that black history isn't just the past 400 years. That black culture is human history itself.

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Our next exhibit was 4 20 2020 which was renamed Eclectic Garden. We started promoting the event as the virus hit mainstream media.

Insight - Eclectic Garden


From a business perspective, Covid-19 didn't affect CreativeUTO or Gallery 1017 until businesses started to pull away. It didn't become personal until I went out to buy groceries. That's when I saw chaos and empty shelves.

I remember what I was doing before the world shut down. I posted an advertisement for our Creative Incubator. The goal was - and still is - to find 20 artists I can work with on an ongoing basis and as a result, eliminate the need to burn resources with constant Calls to Artists. The idea was to build a creative community that has unlimited access to Gallery 1017 to create their art and share resources which would help us save time so we can focus on creating art.

It is our original fundraiser to setup at Dundas West actualized

Insight - PODCAST – RE: The Incubator, Workshops, Inktober 2018


I once learned that business is 75% course correction. That analogy has never been more true than in 2020. We must adapt to change quickly, because only the learning will inherit the earth. The learned will be equipped to rule what no longer exists.

Our new direction meant having to embrace working in isolation and focusing on our content strategy so we can, at the very least, continue to support Toronto artists.

Insight – Join our Creative Incubator Develop art at Gallery 1017


Over the last week we've been interviewing artists on video.

This allows us to create content for our podcast, promote artists, see what they're about, and sell their artwork on our website. The goal is to get patrons to sign up to our Patreon where they pay a monthly fee to receive art. Patreons are also able to buy the original artwork. Our 1st artist is a multi-disciplinary artist from Poland. His name is Kamil Swiatek. During the interview we talk about, plans for the incubator, gallery 1017, who are the people who buy art and spirituality.

Kamil tells us a beautiful story about coming from communism, how he overcame bullying by escaping to the spiritual world through his art and his dedication to his work. Some of his pieces were works in progress for over 10 years

His art is a reflection of that world.


Podcast - Art Business & Spirituality with Kamil Swiatek

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