Podcast – Re: The Incubator, Workshops, Inktober 2

Podcast - We are opening an incubator

We are still developing CUTO podcast! We got our feet wet in episode 0 where we got to talk about the incubator and now we're trying to launch it.

Insight - Social Media Artist Lara Harb is The Host of #CUTO Podcast

This week, Lara Harb takes you on a Beta version of the new interface for our website. The website is divided in 3 sections, marketplace which frequently updates users with new art, news, information. The second half is the interface for the incubator and at the bottom we have all the programs you can participate in at the incubator. She also talks about the Inktober Marathon, our workshops for creative entrepreneurs and our fundraiser.

At the time of the shooting We were still hard at work behind the scenes and didn't update Lara that that the website is still in Beta and that the information was still being plugged in. Since then we have launched

Rent Retail or Creator Space

Donors, patron, or creative entrepreneurs looking to rent space, the incubator could benefit you. We need to sell 87 Community Memberships to meet our fundraising goal and maintain a 6,200 square foot incubator space on 1305 Dundas West.

Insight - Fundraiser – Rent Retail or Creator Space For 2 Months

Becoming a Unicorn

The registration process allows us to use the arithmetic of SMARTER collaboration to fit you in our community by assigning workshops, event space, vending opportunities, or wall space to help you realize your goals.

Insight - Register – 1st Step To Becoming a Creative Unicorn of Toronto


Community Passes

It's free to enter the incubator, but a Community Pass gives you access day-to-day activities and programs including showcases, events, workshops and drinks at the bar.

Insight - Fundraiser – Visit our Incubator as a Patron with Community Pass