Podcast – Money is an Attitude ft. Executive Coach Shieh-Chi Chen

Money is an Attitude 

There is an irony in publishing this episode of the CUTO podcast. We have had delays; the 1st one was technical so we couldn't do it live on the CreativeUTO fan page.

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The 2nd one was my own funk as an artist; my inability to create new art prevented me from tapping into the right vibrations, taking in new information, and creating new content. Sometimes the artist’s mind goes into a sunken place. This is not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to the creative process, but it happened to have terrible timing.

The irony? Today's podcast is exactly about that, how to overcome the weight of our own egos and embrace a richer mindset, how to  become money by doing the things we're passionate about.

Episode 4 (Cue Star Wars opening crawl music)

In today's episode Social Media Artist Lara Harb sits down with Shieh-Chi on this episode of the podcast. Shieh-Chi (pronounced Shee Tzu) is the President and Owner of 2Sisters Consulting Inc. She is a skilled executive coach, facilitator, and organizational development consultant and has worked in Canada as well as internationally for fortune 500 companies. 


About Executive Coach Shieh-Chi

Shieh-Chi Chen (pronounced Shee-Tzu) is the President and Owner of 2Sisters Consulting Inc. is a skilled executive coach, facilitator and organizational development consultant and has worked in Canada and internationally for Fortune 500 Companies.
Shieh-Chi combines her world view with a passion for valuing differences, by delivering thought provoking and results-oriented programs. She works with women, minority leaders, business owners and change agents who want to make a leadership contribution to their organizations and the world around them. She has worked with for-profit and non-profit organizations as well as three levels of government, from small and mid-sized companies to multi-nationals.
Through her innate ability to create trust and rapport with others, Shieh-Chi has a strategic perspective and influence that helps individuals and organizations perform better.

What is the Prosperity Café?

I created Prosperity Cafe to support women like me on their prosperity journey. As I traveled through my corporate career in both the United States and Canada, I was plagued by a general feeling of dissatisfaction that there was more to life than just meeting my daily obligations.  This feeling persisted through my divorce, moving back to Canada from the United States, and the passing of my Father.
Throughout this process, I kept inquiring and “doing the work.” I attended personal development workshops, worked with therapists and coaches, and spoke to other women about their experiences.
I realized I was not alone in feeling stuck and not sure why. The Prosperity Cafe is dedicated to women who have an aching feeling that there is more. It is committed to the woman who wants to wake up full of energy, raring to go and take in all the wonders of the day, who has ideas to explore, uncover and bring to life.  The Prosperity Cafe is a place where women are lovingly guided to untangle their fears.
I look forward to meeting you at one of my sessions.

For more info about Shie Chi and her coaching services click below