Podcast – The Artist Journey with Melanie Erin

The Artist Journey with Melanie Erin

Every interview has introduced a benchmark and this one is no different. Some context: CreativeUTO is about three years old and today we interview Melanie Erin, an artist who has been with us from the very beginning. 

When we started The Annex Art Party, Melanie was our first musician and I wanted an acoustic performance. She was accompanied by her mother and the combination of voice and Ukulele set the mood, a laid back rootsy vibe, that created a beautiful ambiance in the space.

We liked it so much, we used her music in one of our early ads.


Building Creative Unicorns has been a journey, a grind with lots of growing pains, amazing gains, and everlasting relationships. Melanie Erin is an artist who, while being part of our community, has gone on a journey of her own. 

The Artist’s Journey,

We are constantly evolving. Like caterpillars in a perpetual cycle of metamorphosis, we grow and change and in her case I can sense that growth

Many artists experience something akin to the hero’s journey. Melanie explains that she had to break out of her shell and answer a calling. She left the comfort of her home, left a job, and trekked south to Los Angeles where she got into busking, a culture she found enriching for her soul. But she also tells us how it affected her relationship with her mother, a pain I’m sure many artists can relate to.

Insight - We Evolve Beyond One Place

The best part about Melanie’s story is that she hasn’t stopped growing. She just picked up the guitar, a natural evolution from the Ukulele, and soon she'll find the strength in her voice and become a powerful singing unicorn.

In our conversation, we explore the roads she’s travelled, what she learned along the way, the pros and cons of socialism, overcoming bullying and her vision for the future.


Podcast - The Artist Journey with Melanin Erin

Live - Melanie Erin Performs for the Video Exhibit

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