Podcast – The Beautiful Mind of Contemporary Artist Nicole Little

The Beautiful Mind of Contemporary Artist Nicole Little

Hello, my name is Michael Bolé and I have high functioning Aspergers.

It took me years to acknowledge this to myself and therefore accept myself for what I am. I have come to learn that it isn't a drawback, it’s a trait that allows me to be an artist because when I trigger it right I can hyper-focus.

#KnowThyself #LoveThyself

It's more akin to having a mutant power. Imagine one day you’re living your life and suddenly laser beams shoot out of your eyes; fire everywhere. It's considered a mental illness because society doesn't necessarily know how to deal with anything that doesn’t conform to “normal” standards. Though there has been a greater emphasis on starting the conversation in the past decade; empowering us to come out and talk about it. Society today wants us to be one way but we're not. 

Some of us shoot laser beams out of our eyes, others absorb the essence of people by touching them, others have blue furry skin, and then there are mind readers.

Introducing Artist Nicole Little

When I look at a person and define them as beautiful, it’s with the understanding that beauty isn't just the physical form; it's something within them that pours out. Like a glow; that glow comes from deep within our souls. The positive energy shows through the way we carry ourselves, the things we say, our cadence, mannerism and most importantly our passion.

Insight - Hierarchy of Minds: 4 kinds of mindsets

Our presence can affect the people around us, it’s like a present. 

Nicole Little is a beautiful person and in this episode of the podcast, she takes us through a journey that articulates what she is about. An artist with ADHD, balancing the world of being a mother, and a wife. Through the podcast, we talk about her creative process, dealing with her mental health, free speech and how the internet pushes ideas forward. She also brings up the Cindy Crawford Theory of perfection.

Nicole Little is a beautiful soul because we talked for what appeared to be 10 minutes and if it wasn't for time constraints we'd still be talking. It wouldn't matter what we're talking about because the journey is timeless.

Well, at least for me it was timeless, and I hope it'll be the same for you

Enjoy the podcast

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