Podcast – The Visually Striking Art of Jose Cifuentes

This episode of the CUTO podcast will serve as a time capsule. It was recorded in mid-April as the Pandemic started, before the situation escalated, before the protests and the riots. 

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Everything was up in the air (no pun intended) back in April. We were getting acclimated to the lockdown and the podcast was new. Since April, the podcast has become a staple of CreativeUTO with multiple artists bringing their own flavour to the conversation. 

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Jose Cifuentes' art is visually striking. It's intense. I remember scrolling through Instagram and his art stopped me. Jose was forced to leave his whole life, including his business, behind when he immigrated from Medellin to Toronto. 

He tells us that he is using this time in quarantine to reflect and meditate and is currently working on a piece to honour his best friend, a nurse working the frontlines. We also trade music pics, talk about basic income for artists, and the concept of power. 


Podcast - The Visually Striking Art of Jose Cifuentes

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