Podcast – We Made Another Potluck Happen

We made another potluck happen.

Sand falls through the hourglass. 

A grain of sand adds up to a day, days evolve into quarters, and quarters turn to years. Along the way, we accumulate more wisdom and better ways to maximize our time.

We made another potluck happen. We eat again and, this time, it’s a new group of unicorns under different circumstances. These unicorns have different needs and wants, and when it comes to building our ideas a project outline is a common denominator.


300 Unicorns

A two-hour event where we share our food and culture, what it means to be creative entrepreneurs, and collaborate on each other's project outlines through a design and thinking process.



A piece of our soul.

I withered down what potlucks bring to the table, what makes them unique, and I can't help but come across this one word: intimacy. 

I think of intimacy because food itself is a form of art. Chefs are equally identified as artists - creative unicorns, if you will. Chefs make consumable art that feeds us mentally and spiritually, like all artists. However, what separates them is their ability to feed the flesh.

Whether we're chefs or not, like art, all foods represent our culture, our history, a piece of who we are. We are half-past naked; it’s a piece of our souls.

It’s soul food.


300 Project outlines: from the foundation up

Along the way, I’ve come across amazing people who have helped in the research and development of our podcast on various levels. They’ve all contributed to helping us reach this point. 

At this point, I’ve realized that this podcast needs to embody my core strengths and, ultimately, the core of my organization (FMiMBranding) and it’s extension (CreativeUTO.ca).

That core is business development and business development starts from the foundation up. 

Much like you’ll have to dig deep to build your skyscraper, trees grow as deep as they need to be tall. The podcast needs to provide a solution that will help the demographics by making a project outline. 

The foundation; the root to a tree.



The purpose of this podcast is to help Unicorns develop their projects and raise funding for CUTO Marketplace: a five-day expo that brings together investors, industry professionals, influencers, vendors, artists, coders, and performers to purchase art, workshops, services, and exchange skills and information.



Today is Episode 000: This is a Unicorn

On today’s episode, we recorded our first set of viral videos for The Annex Art Party. We also went over the 19/20 Mediakit and ate a delicious meal. We had fruit platters, chicken, donuts, and Filipino noodles, which are always amazing to me. During dinner, we discussed how to generate more traffic for The Annex Art Party, how to sell art for $5,000, integrating cosplay, and we talked about the Unicorn Awards - amongst other things.




Episode 1: Viral Marketing Strategy

  • Record more viral videos.
  • What is design thinking?
  • Reverse engineering a Business Canvass Model
  • Reverse engineering a project outline
  • #TAAP6 Phase 3
  • On Friday the 27th of September
  • at 730PM
  • 720 Bathurst Street 


Episode 2: Inktober Marathon


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