Project Paper Trail – 1,000 postcard sized flyer distribution inside an elegant envelope

Project Paper Trail - We distribute 1,000 postcards sized flyers inside an elegant envelope through community outreach and only to pre-qualified customers starting at $99

Why it works:

  • Consumers today value human beings over the white noise of social media
  • The personal touch adds value to existing social media presence
  • Consumers search on their phones the 1st chance they get.
  • We value our flyers like business cards made of gold and pre-qualify customer
  • We focus on grassroots, social enterprises, and related events.
  • We maintain a database on our website redistributing future traffic to you
  • 20 organizations offering special services in 1 envelope makes PPT valuable for social consumers.
  • 1,000 envelopes 2,250 flyers distributed per month

Monetize by sharing, reusing and recycling

  • Monetize your flyer with exclusive offers, sales or service
  • Unified database for anyone claiming offers online
  • 2,250 flyer campaign that encouraging users to bring them back
  • Flyers can be used at participating social enterprises


  • Project Paper Trail is an envelope featuring up to 20 postcards sized flyers
  • Organizations can register through
  • Customers can claim offers through PPT database
  • We print 250 flyers weekly on Friday for the following Monday
  • We distribute Monday through Friday at relevant community events
  • We pre-qualify customers who are interested in startups


  1 Envelope fits Distribution Unit
Black 3 1,000 double sided flyers distributed $350
Gold 4 500 double sided flyers distributed $265
Blue 6 500 single sided flyers distributed $175
Intro 6 250 single sided flyers distributed $99
Totals 19 2,250 cards distributed  


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