Shop – Alex Leon, Paintings Created Your Own Way

Style and Grace, the beauty of painting, saturated characters and vibrant colors and his client come first are the headline that make up #TAAP veteran Alex Leon's character. 

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Style and Grace

I aim to create paintings of all genres and styles to satisfy the viewers visual needs and add some style and grace to their place.

Enjoys the beauty of painting

I create these artworks for the average man and woman who don't necessarily know a lot about art but enjoy the beauty of a painting.

Saturated Characters and vibrant colors

My art is unique because it's not overly artsy and it doesn't try to send any kind of message. It's art for everyone and anyone who admires bold, saturated characters and vibrant colours

My client comes first

My clients come first and I aim to be a kind, loving, and giving artist who will make the client happy

They should by my products because each paintings is carefully made to the finest degree. There are no reproductions or prints of my paintings. They are meticulously made to create a one of a kind hand-made work of art that will last throughout the centuries. And the prices are very modest and fair. I don't believe in ever overpricing my products. Because I am aware that many people want to enjoy art without having to pay a fortune!