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My art journey started at age four. It was my escape from my environment of poverty and violence and a way to express what I couldn't verbalize. Growing up on comics, sci-fi, and black world history heavily influenced my work. I often tend to combine these things to not only tell my story but also creatively show black representation.

It is my mission to touch the emotions of my viewers and share knowledge. Ironically, my mission ties into my moniker 11:11. 2016 was a rough year and among lots of friends, family passing, and uncertainty of where my life was going, I started seeing 11:11 randomly everywhere. I looked into the meanings, meditated on it, and realized I need to get back to what has been my peace, my escape since the age of four.

In that moment I made the choice to fully commit to my purpose as a visual artist. Through my work, I also hope to bring light to issues such as mental health, colourism, and issues children from disenfranchised neighborhoods face.



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