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Artist Biography

Kamil Swiatek is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario. Swiatek explores the theme of identity through the subconscious mind as an internal landscape. Painting, digital and film photography, drawing, sculpting, writing short stories and film help him understand and examine the inner workings of the subconscious. He received his Bachelor of Fine Arts with a minor in photography from OCAD University in 2018.

Artist Statement

I explore the spontaneity, movement, and transcendence of a state of flow, capturing the subconscious, and the moment it engulfs. This mode of being in the now involves a high degree of attention to reach. As the sensory processes are heightened and intensified, I’m absorbed into a meditative state. A tranquil stillness emerges and I’m able to delve below the surface of awareness, into an uncharted environment.

Working intuitively, I embrace a certain loss of control as the sensation of time and space dissolve; an escape of rational control into the subconscious. This metamorphosis into the depths of identity is communicated visually through mark-making, textures, and colors. Using a combination of thick and thin applications of paint to build up layers, tension is formed in the composition. These sets of layers conceal and explore what we see and what we don’t see; not just on the surface, but of our own landscape of identity.

Kamil Swiatek is a multi-disciplinary artist from Toronto, Ontario.

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