Shop – The Drawings & Paintings of Gloria Guan

What do you do?
Drawing and painting oriented artist

Describe your creative process
Welcoming all kinds of experimental and boundary breaking formats of art.

What are you working on right now?
Body and consciousness braided into narratives that is often the centre of my project, the challenge in just portraying human is already a never-ending subject. Yet with the addition of the environment and time, I could tackle much more subjects that I normally do not have the courage to question.

Why did you get started?
It has always been my passion to observe human interaction, especially growing up in different countries. Moreover, the elderly figures that I have met along my path of growth showed the world of wonder and cruelness in their pieces of advices, and little stories which they heard from a “bird”.

Who is your art for?
I would say my art is more like stories for the viewers who wants to take time to read, and relate. I enjoy embedding details into my work even it sparks only a giggle out of someone, any response is important just as someone who is reading a comic book. And the process of asking questions of many why is what I find important not only for me, but everything. In conclusion, my art is for curious minds.

Where can we see more of your work

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