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Toronto Based Artist The Art Hippo

The Art Hippo (Navneet Nishant) is a self-taught, Toronto based artist. His art style is abstraction through patterns, repetition, and bright colors. His artworks fueled by self-discovery, are heavily influenced by the theory of meaning, the theory of knowledge, and existentialism.

His Art career started in India, where he lived in a small town. There is an inherent oriental understanding of self exhibited in his early works either through subject matter or through the colors.

He moved to Canada in 2015, accruing a massive change of social, professional, economic, and individual contexts in his life. Moving from a small town to a big city, starting out again as a student just months after getting married, gaining a deeper understanding of the human psyche, changing his career to a transformation consultant, all of these have affected his art in a way where the philosophy of mind and its proverbial abstraction with daily life is a visible vocal theme in his recent works. Breaking down of mental constructs to create an abstraction, his art makes one question 'the meaning' in its own way, helping people find a deeper connection with themselves and in finding meaning in life

His works have been exhibited in India as well as in Canada and at this stage of his career, his ambition is to help more people pursue and find meaning in their lives through his works and establish an international presence.


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