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An Aries and true to her sign, Tracy is determined, resilient, and strong. She values leadership and courage, always working to improve herself daily.

Tracy grew up rather modestly with very little money. Inspiring and pushing her at a very young age to learn the value of a dollar eventually allowed her to manifest her financial goals. Alongside individuals who have shared tools, tips, and knowledge that have been monumental during her journey.

Looking back at all the years she had not touched a paintbrush or charcoal pencil; Tracy had felt utter disappointment and was resentful. She had stored all her abilities in a box after her dreams came crashing down, if she couldn’t attend University and pursue a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts then she believed she had failed and would again never feel that passion. Or so she thought!

Its really funny how the universe works! She never forgets your dreams; we are often the ones creating blockages in our minds… It's been exactly 16 years since Tracy has felt that artistic passion. She hadn’t realized up until now and thanks to her dear friend, that art has been the missing puzzle piece to her life up to this point. Her friend couldn’t have been more right about that!

Relearning a skill, you thought you had lost is like riding a bike, a gift is never lost. It is so true; Tracy has never felt more confident and the blockades she had created in her mind were finally opening and inspirations flowed through like a floodgate to her soul.

“Get in touch with yourself. The fountain of creativity begins with the stream of conscious thought flowing inside you. Open the floodgate and creative ideas come rushing out.” – Nita Leland

Soul-working has taken Tracy on quite the journey thus far, she could have never envisioned a few years ago that she would be thriving in her element. Pursuing her dreams of becoming an artist, collaborating with members of the beautification group by creating a 4x8 feet acrylic mural named “A Flip of Faith” with the help of her two daughter's that is showcased within the downtown core of her town as an initiative in beautifying the community. She has created an online presence for her charcoal and acrylic pieces and has commissioned several charcoal portraits and has created a name for herself in the artistic community. To think that unraveling and writing down in a blog all of her thoughts/emotions she had pushed down for most of her adult life would eventually help her find that missing puzzle piece; her artistic passion.

All Tracy can say is never give up on yourself, the universe always finds a way in helping you learn the lessons required for you to truly become the person you’ve always dreamt. She often catches herself smiling at how everything has unraveled so far. Your guardian angels and guides are always there for you when you least expect it.

Love Tracy aka Mrs. Money Queen


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