Social Media Advice for Artists in 2019

Social Media Advice for Artists in 2019


Social Media has become an invaluable resource for artists.

From inspiration and networking to collaborations and sales – creatives all around the world have benefitted from the accessibility of online communities.

By building an online audience, artists have been able to elevate their “brands” into sustainable businesses while truly living out their dreams!

To create a platform as an art-preneur, however, it is essential to understand the formula for success.

Here are the top 5 social media tips to growing your art business online:




Social media research has proven that posts written in first person with actual people in the photos generate a significantly higher amount of likes and shares.

To put things simply, people WANT to learn about the “who” and not just the “what”!

Don’t be afraid to share your story, your background and your ongoing journey online.

As people want to connect with each other, the simple things that make you “you” are the things that will deepen your relationship with your audience!

From behind-the-scenes footage to rough sketches of your ideas, start sharing the “process” and not just the finished product.


Posting for the sake of posting is one thing, but is your strategy contributing to your goal?

Whether you are looking to grow your audience or generate sales, it is important to identify your intentions and develop a game-plan around it.

Take some time to research those who are successfully navigating your niche. What tools are they using to reach their target audiences?

From ideal posting times and photo quality to hashtags and interaction, there are a number of ways to optimize your use of social media.

Once your strategy is clear, you can use the “tried and tested’ tricks to further grow your audience.


Although “consistency” may seem like an overwhelming commitment at first, it is just a matter of building a routine.

Think about it in terms of brand awareness: the more often you post, the more frequently your audience can engage with likes, shares and comments!

There are a variety of tools and apps that you can use to help keep you organized. Consider apps like “Later” to schedule your posts in advance, so that it doesn’t cut into your workflow!

It is important to note that some social algorithms (such as facebook) do favour consistency. By keeping a regular posting schedule, these algorithms can help expose your content to a broader range of people!



Social media analytics offer valuable insight when it comes to measuring your efforts.

As these measuring tools are built into pretty well every social media outlet there is, these insights can help you understand which strategies are successful and which could use some tweaking.

You can learn exactly what time of day your audience is checking their feed, which countries you are reaching and how each post performs in real time.

Taking some time to consult your analytics can help you identify what works best and how to present your art going forward.


The greatest advantage to social media is the ability to actually BE social!

Whether you are responding to comments, commenting on other people’s posts, retweeting and/or sharing, you are actively joining the conversation.

Share your opinions, ask questions and have fun!

This form of communication will help you develop relationships, increase trust and of course, improve sales for your art.

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