Social Media Artist Lara Harb is The Host of #CUTO Podcast

From the foundation up

I have been researching and developing the creation of a podcast for years. Over the years the people I was working with came and went, topics ranged from nerd culture, manhood, entrepreneurship, to Toronto.

I got to various stages of development before things “fell apart”.

Failure, however, is like a butterfly in a constant state of evolution, bringing the ideas closer to reality. The CUTO Podcast by is here. I’m sure it’ll have a subtitle soon, though I do think that Creative Unicorns of Toronto Podcast peaks just enough curiosity.

Social Media Artist

CUTO Podcast is a strategic partnership between CreativeUTO and Social Media Artist Lara Harb, and it is the 1st of many programs coming to the community. It will be the foundation that helps grow the creative community, and by extension, our own social ventures and the projects we’re involved in.

It's a platform where artists can present work, come to talk about life... or present workshops. And this is only episode 0!

Episode Zero

In our inaugural podcast we talk about CreativeUTO, starving artists, a fundraiser to open an incubator space for creative entrepreneurs on Dundas West and Davenport, and the Inktober Marathon.

Also, how awkward I can be.

Take a shot for every time I say “uhm,”... see if you can keep up.

Introducing Social Media Artist Lara Harb

Lara is a social media strategist and instructor teaching at institutions like Humber College and University of Toronto. Her company, The Social Media Artist, helps artists and creative entrepreneurs improve their online impact through social media. From local voice instructors to ethical clothing companies, Lara has worked with a variety of creatives and helped them tell their story online. Before starting her company, Lara worked as a social media manager and an ad operations specialist for companies such as Torstar Digital and Jackson Marketing.

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