#TAAP6 – Mediakit 19/20 + Sponsorship Opportunities. Help Create Art Installations in Toronto

#TAAP6 - Mediakit 19/20 + Sponsorship Opportunities: Help Create Art Installations in Toronto

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Who we are?

A bit about our organization. We are a socially conscious incubator that advances profit-sharing creative projects. We support, educate, and develop entrepreneurs, coders, artists, creators, and developers from all walks of life. We drive forward projects through SMARTER collaboration from the foundation up. But most importantly, we build and multiply spaces for creators to come together to combat the all too common and interconnected epidemics of isolation, mental health, and homelessness in the creative community

Sponsorship opportunities

Designed to create art installations with forward-thinking organizations through sponsorship opportunities that align with their strategic goals & messages.

Targeted Marketing Strategy

We work together to place their product in front of the people looking for it through our network, podcasts, street-level marketing campaigns, art installations, and our art shows.

K A A Sy

Keyword Adaptive Advertising System lets customers choose keywords for us to target based on the demographics that visit our network. It is based on Google analytics so I know what my traffic is interested in but it helps by letting me know who to advertise too.

Creative Network

It is designed to sell sponsorships based on our combined network and distribute the profit share while funding projects